Foundation Wall Repair: Go DIY or Get Professional Help?

February 4, 2014 Melanie Chaney

We admit it; we love those DIY shows as much as the next person. However, some home repairs are better left to the experts, and foundation wall repair is one of them.

The biggest contributing factor to needing foundation wall repair is soil pressure, which can often be attributed to excess moisture. When the pressure becomes too much for the foundation walls to handle, they may begin to bow, tilt, or crack. When these signs become apparent, it means the wall can no longer adequately support the structure, and it’s time to call in a pro!

A professional may use several methods to address foundation wall repair. At Baird Foundation Repair, we recommend those offered by Foundation Supportworks™.

· Wall anchors: These connect steel wall plates to galvanized earth anchors to hold the wall in place. They can be tightened over time to restore the wall to its original position.

· I-beam wall braces: These custom-fit steel beams can halt the buckling of the wall. Like anchors, they can be tightened to restore the original position of the wall.

· Carbon fiber system: Ten times stronger than steel, these strips are affixed to the wall and absorb pressure.

· Shotcrete Wall Restoration System: This mortar is fiber-reinforced and shot onto the wall via a hose. It’s highly effective at repairing even the most severely damaged walls when combined with one of the wall anchor systems.

· Helical wall anchors: Like helical piers, these shafts feature helical blades that allow them to go deep into the soil. Once they’ve reached beyond the foundation walls, metal wall plates are used to hold the wall in place.

Our experts are trained in Foundation Supportworks™ systems, and we can recommend the best method for your foundation wall repair. To schedule an appointment with a specialist at Baird Foundation Repair, call us at 1-210-534-4110.

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