3 Different Causes of Foundation Damage in Texas

August 24, 2021 Baird Foundation Repair

If you live in Texas, you know that 2021 has had some extra rainy seasons. If you didn’t know already, there are many things in Texas that can affect a building’s foundation and cause damage, excess rain being one of them.

Most of the common foundation problems have something to do with the way water is affecting the foundation. Whether it is a surplus of water or not enough, water is almost always a factor. Water can also affect it initially or the effects can come later in the process.

In this blog post, you will discover the 3 different causes of foundation damage in Texas. 

Problems with moisture

Just like mentioned above, water is one of the leading problem causers when it comes to foundation problems. If it rains too much, it then makes the soil that your house is sitting on too moist, causing it to move and shift your foundation. Too much moisture can also cause swelling and upheaval if it’s more clay-based soil.

You can attempt to minimize or correct some of these problems by including an effective drainage system that does not allow the water to sit under your house and soak into the soil. 

Poor construction work

If you’ve ever driven by a construction site where a new building is to go up, one thing you might notice very early on in the process is tractors digging and moving around the dirt. This is done either to cut some of the soil away because there is too much of it or to fill dirt in the lower areas of the building site. Dirt has to be moved to install piping of different sorts and overall just accurately sets the house. The builders need to pay attention to the moisture level of the soil when the concrete is being poured, as well. Average moisture is the most ideal, as different temperatures may cause it to change after rain or other weather events occur. 

Plumbing leaks

Leaks are also one of the most common factors when it comes to foundation damage. This can happen in more places than Texas, but can sometimes be one of the easier problems to fix. Most of the plumbing in your home is set in the foundation of your home.

If a problem occurs with the plumbing, it can then cause damage to the foundation. One of the most common problems that occur within plumbing issues is a pipe bursting or cracking. This leads to water running out into your foundation (like mentioned earlier). The water coming from the crack doesn’t have anywhere to go, so the pressure may build up and cause your foundation to crack. This is why it is important and beneficial for you to have some sort of effective drainage system in your foundation. 

Call on the professionals for help

Foundation damage can be stressful and one of the hardest parts of a home to fix. For help with anything from foundation repair, home inspections, or water damage issues, contact Baird Foundation Repair. We are dedicated to helping resolve your foundation repair needs!

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