Commercial Concrete Repair

Uneven concrete is a big hassle in a commercial space, whether it’s on the sidewalk outside or inside the warehouse. Not to mention, it can be a major safety hazard during your business operations. That’s why Baird Foundation Repair offers a full range of commercial concrete repair solutions to stabilize and level uneven concrete slabs. Our concrete experts can repair damage to sidewalks, driveways, roadways, warehouse floors and more.

Commercial Concrete Repair

No concrete repair job is too big or complicated for the experts at Baird, from minor cracks to major concrete sinking. Our experienced technicians can pinpoint the problem and recommend the best solution for your concrete. To repair cracked concrete, we recommend NexusPro, a silicone-based sealant that provides superior durability against environmental wear and tear.

During the repair, our team will prepare the crack, pour in the sealant and even add a layer of sand to give the concrete a uniform appearance.

Once your commercial concrete repair is finished, we recommend protecting it against further damage with SealantPro™ concrete sealant. This acts as a protective barrier between your concrete and the elements, preventing damage from water, dirt and other contaminants without affecting the appearance of the slab. With SealantPro™, you can rest easy knowing that the concrete around your commercial space is protected for years to come!

Concrete Leveling with PolyLevel®

If you’re dealing with sinking or unlevel concrete around your commercial space, Baird can quickly repair it with PolyLevel®, an innovative alternative to traditional concrete leveling techniques such as mudjacking. Supportworks’ PolyLevel® System is designed to work under the most extreme conditions. PolyLevel® uses a two-part urethane polymer that expands into high-density foam to fill voids, lift and stabilize concrete, and solve a wide range of geotechnical and structural applications. This solution comes with many advantages, including:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Quick installation and cure time
  • Accurate lift for clean results
  • Adjustable for loads of all sizes
  • Environmentally friendly material made from 100% recycled materials

When it comes to your commercial space’s uneven concrete, PolyLevel® is the fastest, most effective way to repair the problem and return the concrete to its best condition. Don’t just deal with sinking concrete — call on Baird for high-quality solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

Count on Baird Foundation Repair

If you’re struggling with cracked or sinking concrete in and around your commercial space, the professionals from Baird are here to help. We are the go-to concrete repair specialists in Texas since 1969, and restoring your concrete to its best possible condition is our specialty. Whether you need concrete leveling, soil stabilization or more, you can trust Baird to quickly and effectively repair the problem.

Contact Baird Foundation Repair for more information or to schedule your free inspection today!