Crawl Space Solutions to Keep Your Foundation Strong

December 26, 2013 Melanie Chaney

Many of San Antonio’s older or historic neighborhoods feature homes built on pier and beam foundations. A common feature of these homes is the crawl space where the posts and beams are usually visible.

Pier and beam homes have a unique set of problems in terms of foundation repair, which require crawl space solutions to keep the foundation strong. The most common causes of these problems include:

· Posts in the crawl space that are spaced too far apart

· Moisture seeping into the crawl space or extremely humid conditions that cause the wood to weaken

· Posts settling into weak soil over time

· Termite damage

· Rotten or decaying wood

Any of the above issues can affect the home’s foundation and result in cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings, among other problems. So what are some crawl space solutions?

One of the most efficient crawl space solutions is to replace the damaged or sinking posts with concrete posts. These posts are made of heavy-duty steel, which makes them able to endure changing weather conditions without damage. To further increase the stabilization, holes are dug deeper into the earth, bypassing the unsuitable soil, until a soil level that will support the structure’s weight is reached. Then to prevent more damage, new underpinnings are installed that provide the proper ventilation to address the moisture and humidity levels in the crawl space.

If your pier and beam home is showing signs of foundation damage, let one of the experts at Baird Foundation Repair recommend the appropriate crawl space solutions for your home. For a free custom quote, call us at 210-534-4110.