Foundation Repair with Push Piers and Concentric Piers in, San Antonio, TX  


Recently, in the vibrant city of San Antonio, TX, a homeowner from the warm and friendly neighborhood of Bel Meade, nestled between Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston and Terrell Hills, contacted us with a concerning issue. The home, featuring charming exteriors, began showing tell-tale signs of distress. A notable downward slope towards the front of the house had become apparent, causing worry and unease. Understanding the severity of foundation issues, the homeowner reached out to Baird Foundation Repair for expert assistance. 


Our expert team recommended installing 7 Push Piers and 9 Concentric Piers around the front of the home. This tailored solution effectively addressed the homeowner’s concerns while preserving the integrity of their property. We strategically placed Concentric Piers beneath the patio to ensure a seamless job without disrupting the patio surface. By avoiding concrete breakouts and working underneath, we ensured minimal disruption, and leaving no trace of our work visible

Push Piers and Concentric Piers:

  • How they work
    • The soil is removed from around and underneath your home’s foundation, where the steel piers will be installed.  
    • A specially engineered steel bracket is placed under the footing.  
    • Steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket to bedrock or a stable soil layer.  
    • The weight of the home is transferred from the concrete foundation, through the steel bracket and piers, to the deep load- bearing soil or bedrock.

Benefits Of Push Piers and Concentric Piers:

  • Push Piers and Concentric Piers reach much greater depths than other options.   
  • Features a patented bracket and external sleeve.   
  • The round shaft and external sleeve prevent bending during installation.  
  • Does not require use of heavy equipment, and installation is less invasive to the area around the home.   
  • Galvanized pier sections will not rust.    


With precise and efficient work, the front of this San Antonio home was skillfully restored to its proper position, providing the homeowner with peace of mind knowing their house is now securely stabilized. The homeowner expressed immense relief and gratitude for selecting Baird Foundation Repair, appreciating the swift and professional resolution of their foundation issue. At Baird Foundation Repair, our commitment is to address foundation concerns with expertise, transforming worry into confidence and ensuring the safety and longevity of your beloved home.