When Should I Be Concerned About Cracks In My Floor?

If you have a crawl space and the floors above are unlevel, you may have a structural problem in your crawl space. Common signs include an uneven floor, floors that sag towards the center of the house, floor cracks and interior doors jamming. Luckily, crawl space jacks can address structural problems.

Another common cause of unlevel floors is settlement or foundation heaving. Foundation settlement can be solved by installing foundation piers. When cracks in your floor are caused by structural issues, it’s important to call the professionals at Baird Foundation Repair.

What Causes A Concrete Floor Slab To Settle?

When a concrete floor settles, it often indicates soil beneath it can’t bear the load, usually accompanied by other foundation issues. Uneven concrete floors typically crack or break due to masonry’s rigidity.

Your foundation’s settling can lift or sink the floor independently, resulting from soil shrinking, settling or expanding. Keep an eye out for signs of foundation problems and reach out to our team for help. To fix independently sinking floors, a slab pier system is used, extending into stable soil to secure the floor, and sometimes even restoring it to its original level.

For cracked and uneven floors due to foundation settlement, we may recommend foundation push piers or helical piers to stabilize the entire foundation, potentially returning it to its original position. These solutions address structural issues while maintaining the integrity of your home.

Proven Solutions For Floor Cracks Above Crawl Spaces

Floor cracks are often a settling or shifting foundation issue that has impacted the floor system. Floor beams and joists are made from wood that will usually bend or flex rather than crack or break. However, the same cannot be said for masonry foundations.

When soil issues cause masonry foundations to break, the floors above usually bend. The following are common causes of floor and ceiling gaps and our solutions for each.

Improper Column Spacing

When a crawl space is built, block or brick (heck, even sometimes wood) columns are located throughout the crawl space to support the weight of the structure above. If those columns are spaced too far apart, the beam or girder can become overloaded and sag between the columns. When the beam or girder sags, so does the floor above it.

Existing Column Settlement

Weak soil can cause the existing columns in the crawl space to sink or settle, often creating a gap between the top of the column and the bottom of the girder it was supporting. Once the column settles, the girder sags and the floors above sag. The uneven floors result in the separation of the floor from the walls. It’s a chain reaction.

Our Floor Crack Solution

At Baird Foundation Repair, we can quickly and effectively repair a crawl space structural issue with our heavy-duty crawl space jacks called the SmartJack® System. This system has several great features:

  • Base of engineered fill
  • Precast concrete base
  • Steel posts stabilization and support beams
  • Can be easily adjusted in the future if necessary

This system allows the contractor to push a sagging floor back toward its original, level position. Our warrantied crawl space jacks can effectively stabilize your crawl space – usually in a day.

Supportworks Slab Pier System Installation

Supportworks slab pier system stabilizes the concrete floor slab in your home. It provides the best opportunity to re-level the floor and lift non-load-bearing partition walls that may have settled along with the slab.

We clean and remove any debris generated during the installation. And once we’re done, you can rest easy knowing that you have a trusted warranty on manufacturer’s defects, as well as a performance warranty from us.

Looking For Foundation Slab Repair Contractors In Texas?

At Baird Foundation Repair, we provide proven solutions for floor leveling – whether you have a slab foundation or a crawl space – to homeowners throughout Texas. We provide each of our customers with a free, no-obligation repair quote, in writing, before any work is done. To schedule your appointment, call us today!

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