Home Foundation Types in Our Area

December 1, 2013 Melanie Chaney concrete posts , drwall cracks , pier and beam , poor soil , push pier system , slab foundation

The leading home foundation type found in several of San Antonio’s older neighborhoods and cottage districts, especially in homes built before the 1950’s, are pier and beam foundations. However, pier and beam foundations are prone to drywall cracks, sticking doors and windows, sloping floors among other issues. Poor soil is often to blame, but inferior construction, insect damage, and moisture retention can also play a part.

One solution to these problems associated with pier and beam foundations was the introduction of the slab foundation. Although sturdier in many ways, this home foundation type is not without their fair share of problems as well. Concrete by nature shrinks as it cures and is also prone to cracking and breaking.

So whether you have pier and beam or slab foundation, you may find yourself in need of foundation repairs at some point. At Baird Foundation Repair, we want the best results for your pier and beam repair. We install 10 inch concrete posts in replace of the rotting or sinking posts. Because our posts are reinforced with steel they are not vulnerable to changing weather conditions. We also dig deeper into the earth to get out of the active zone of soil that is affected by weather, in order to have your new posts sitting on stable soil.

Push pier systems are cost effective, minimally invasive, and a relatively quick way to permanently address the concerns of both pier and beam and slab home foundation types. Push piers work by transferring the weight of the structure to more solid, competent soil to avoid further shifting and damage. They can be performed from either the interior or exterior of the structure with minimal disruption to the home.