Crawl Space Repair with Smart Jacks in San Antonio, TX


Concerned homeowners in San Antonio contacted Baird Foundation Repair due to baseboard separation and cracks along walls in their 1920’s home, which was built on traditional pier and beam foundation. The homeowner has noticed the signs of foundation distress, including: 

  • Cracks in the walls and ceilings, which were becoming more prominent over time. 
  • Baseboard separation, indicating that the wooden structure was shifting and settling unevenly. 
  • Doors and windows that were no longer fitting properly causing difficulties when opening and closing.  


Baird Foundation Repair’s expert technicians assessed the situation and determined that the pier and beam foundation needed repair. Our team of professionals designed a customized solution to address specific issues affecting the home. We implemented a comprehensive repair plan:  

Smart Jacks are an adjustable, heavy-duty steel crawl space post with a quick installation process.  

How it works  

  • Our system design specialists will determine the best plan for your home’s needs, mapping out the location for each crawl space support jack 
  • Each crawl space jack post is assembled in your crawl space and the jacks are adjustable for future tightening, should you need it. 
  • Benefits:  
  • Durability: it can support vertical loads exceeding 60,000 lbs. 
  • Made with galvanized steel for corrosion resistance.  
  • Non disruptive installation 
  • Can be installed in the tightest and smallest conditions 



 The successful repair of the pier and beam foundation has given the homeowners peace of mind, knowing that their home is safe and secure, and the overall value of their historic home has been preserved. If you are facing similar foundation challenges around the San Antonio area, contact Baird Foundation Repair for a free estimate and expert advice.