Foundation Repair With Push Piers In Shavano Park, TX 


Recently, a homeowner in San Antonio, Texas, reached out to our team at Baird Foundation Repair with some concerns about their house. They started noticing unsettling signs of wear around their home — cracks were beginning to appear in the walls, bricks were separating, and they were even experiencing water seepage through the floors. Aware of the potential risk to their home’s integrity, they decided it was time to call for expert help.


Our expert team recommended installing 13 push piers around the home.

How Push Pier Installation Works:

  • The soil is removed from around your foundation’s footing, where the pier will be installed.
  • A specially engineered steel bracket is placed under the footing.
  • Steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket to bedrock or a stable soil layer.
  • The weight of the home is transferred from the concrete foundation, through the steel bracket and piers, to the deep load-bearing soil or bedrock.

Benefits Of Push Pier Installation:

  • Push piers reach much greater depths than other options.
  • Features a patented bracket and external sleeve.
  • Does not require use of heavy equipment, and installation is less invasive to the area around the home.
  • Galvanized pier sections will not rust.
  • Concealed from sight as a below-grade solution.
  • Often lifts the foundation back toward its original position.


The outcome spoke for itself — not only were the visible signs of damage repaired, but the homeowner also gained peace of mind knowing their foundation issues were addressed with a strong, reliable solution. The cracks and water seepage were relieved, marking another successful, stress-free foundation repair in the Shavano Park community.

Foundation Repair with Push Piers in Shavano Park, San Antonio, TX