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Learn more about Baird Foundation Repair's recent work requests in New Braunfels, TX
Vicinity of Rocksprings Dr in New Braunfels
Crack goi g through concrete slab from garage step through house
Vicinity of KRAFT LA in New Braunfels
SLAB foundation issues !
Vicinity of Sunstone Circle in New Braunfels
Feel like my house is shifting. Cracks at door frame the past 4-6 months and doors don't close, cracking around outside areas of the house
Vicinity of Divine Way in New Braunfels
Front sidewalk is not even with driveway, slab foundation has cracks, and inside walls are developing cracks.
Vicinity of Hunt St in New Braunfels
The cracks are fairly large and I'm worrried about plumbing and pipes getting damaged.
Vicinity of Lewis Ranch Road in New Braunfels
Need poly level under sidewalk.
Vicinity of Crystal Springs Rd in New Braunfels
My foundation has been settling for a few years, and cracks have opened up in the walls in a few places.
Vicinity of Camp Willow Road in New Braunfels
My house needs leveling-Help!!
Vicinity of Loma Vista in New Braunfels
We would like an estimate on leveling a home on piers.
Vicinity of in New Braunfels
House needs leveling.
Vicinity of Angelina Dr in New Braunfels
I have some cracks in kitchen tiles and back door sticks. In addition I have a stained concrete floor in the living room with a recent crack
Vicinity of Parkdale Dr in New Braunfels
Had a major plumbing issue about 5 years ago. Was never refilled correctly. Drive way is now slipping about 2 inches from house. Cracks
Vicinity of Tarrant Trl in New Braunfels
Interior doors are sticking, exterior doors aren't locking, sheet-rock is cracking
Vicinity of Stone Arch in New Braunfels
Foundation repair/ polylevel
Vicinity of in New Braunfels
A 1921, 1,100 sqft pier and beam house. Inspection report revealed a couple of compromised beams and sagging in the floor.
Vicinity of Spotted Owl in New Braunfels
Developing cracks along exterior foundation. Would like to get an assessment done.
Vicinity of Pelican Place in New Braunfels
Small crack on interior wall, front door shifting and cracked tile.
Vicinity of Pelican Place in New Braunfels
I have a residential driveway apron that the dirt underneath has washed away. Kevin said you've successfully remedied this situation several times. Can you contact me to arrange a bid?
Vicinity of Quail Ridge Dr. in New Braunfels
Sloping floors, cracking walls ,doors not closing correctly Brick cracking
Vicinity of Bunker St in New Braunfels
Concrete slab around our pool is sinking.
Vicinity of San Augustine Blvd New Braunfels TX in New Braunfels
Drywall cracks and front door difficult to open. Looking for free estimate.
Vicinity of W Bridge St in New Braunfels
Purchasing property. Doors don't open and close easily possible cracks.
Vicinity of W. Mill St. in New Braunfels
Need a pair and beam house leveled
Vicinity of Ashmore in New Braunfels
Our home is solid, hardly any movement. We remodeled a few years ago and repaired a few piers in back of the house that needed it and added new support beams. Musty odor is number one reason for my contacting you. Please help us get rid of it.
Vicinity of Oak Sprawl in New Braunfels
In my 2nd story bathroom, the toilet leaked beneath the tile and caused water damage in the sub flooring. It appears to have reached underneath the vanity which is located next to the toilet. We are unsure if it reached underneath the tub or into a neighboring guest bedroom at this time. The first story bathroom is directly underneath the 2nd story bathroom and a 12 by 12 inch section of the ceiling was cutout where we confirmed sight of the rotting subfloor. Insurance adjuster has already assessed damage and confirmed the following: need to fix toilet leak stemming from broken phalange and wax ring, replace all damaged sub floor, remove/replace vanity (while trying to salvage recently placed granite countertop), and replace bathroom tile.
Vicinity of Hueco Springs Loop Rd in New Braunfels
Vicinity of in New Braunfels
We have 2 stone walls at our park entrance, one of them leaned after Hurricane Harvey.
Vicinity of E Zink St in New Braunfels
I have a home that is 150 years old with significant foundation issues.
Vicinity of Hollyhock Lane in New Braunfels
Need eval ASAP. Home is under contract.
Vicinity of White Wing Way in New Braunfels
Slab added on back porch has crack.
Vicinity of Goliad Dr. in New Braunfels
Erosion under driveway slab causing concern of potential problems. Driveway is fine right now but want to get ahead of the problem.
Vicinity of Tilden Trail in New Braunfels
I need to fill about a quarter of a square yard underneath my driveway before it sinks and or cracks
Vicinity of Medina Dr. in New Braunfels
We are seeing signs of foundation issues, cracks in walls, floor tile, doors not opening or closing correctly.
Vicinity of Silverado in New Braunfels
I have a water feature in my pool that had a leak. My concrete slab has settled down about a inch. I'm looking for a quote to fix.
Vicinity of S SANTA CLARA AVE in New Braunfels
We are pier and beam and I am interested in an estimate and an experts opinion of what work needs to be done.
Vicinity of Val Verde in New Braunfels
Foundational settling
Vicinity of W. San Antonio in New Braunfels
I have a duplex that I need to get an estimate for some foundation repair. One side is pier and beam and the other is half slab and half pier and beam.
Vicinity of S Sycamore in New Braunfels
Significant shifting in house in past 2 years. Cracks developing throughout house.
Vicinity of S. Hill Avenue in New Braunfels
Home built in 1889, addition added in 1918. About 965sq ft home sitting on a hill needs leveling, pier and beam needs replacement/repair. Crawl space is tall enough to stand in on one side with door access.
Vicinity of Wood Road in New Braunfels
Need a Foundation Estimate done ASAP
Vicinity of Skyridge Cir in New Braunfels
Our foundation is still intact and strong but not level.
Vicinity of Oleander in New Braunfels
Foundation was purchased knowing it had foundation settling issues. Looking for basic foundation repair.
Vicinity of Starcrest in New Braunfels
I have two large crawl spaces that need to be sealed, dehumidified, ventilated, or whatever you experts would recommend. I would also like to maintain the storage and usable space as much as possible. I would like top have a site visit with one of your crawl space experts to discuss options, quality, and costs.
Vicinity of East Coll Street in New Braunfels
Concrete cap is caving into hillside and pushing against the main wall.
Vicinity of Sunnybrook Drive in New Braunfels
Preparing to sell home (25 years old) and noticed some cracks in our mortar and a few bricks - want to check foundation.
Vicinity of Fair Lane in New Braunfels
Vicinity of W. Perryman in New Braunfels
Residence built late 50's to early 60's. Foundation has settled in bath and front bedroom area
Vicinity of Ferryboat Ln in New Braunfels
Pier and beam house sinking
Vicinity of East South Street in New Braunfels
Would someone please contact me regarding setting up an appointment for getting an estimate on foundation repair to a home built in the 1940's on cedar post and beam? Thank you
Vicinity of Cross Street in New Braunfels
Pier and beam foundation noticeable rot of some floor joists needs leveling floors uneven throughout the house.
Vicinity of Stratford Grace in New Braunfels
A major crack in foundation from the front door and hairline cracks forming in outer rooms
Vicinity of N Walnut Ave in New Braunfels
We live on a pier and beam...we are having moisture issues... Can we get a quote to obtain a vapor barrior in our crawl space? I have a sketch for the crawl space.
Vicinity of Brookhollow in New Braunfels
Foundation problem appears to be causing by plumbing problem under the house
Vicinity of Crosspoint Drive in New Braunfels
My driveway is sinking on one side from erosion and it is pulling away from house foundation.
Vicinity of Sundance in New Braunfels
I would like to see how much it would cost to level my house. It is currently a rental. Thanks.
Vicinity of Glenhaven in New Braunfels
Drive way has dropped down from garage entrance about 1.5" on one side....Section to be lifted is approx. 6'x10'
Vicinity of San Ignacio in New Braunfels
Washout under driveway and extending under front walkway. I would like to repair before concrete sinks and ensure no damage extending to home. At this point, there is no visible sidewalk or driveway sinking.
Vicinity of Zapata Circle in New Braunfels
Back patio has a large section that is sunk in and cracked. I would like to know if you guys can repair and level. Thanks.
Vicinity of Gruene Rd. in New Braunfels
50s home with partial pier and beam and partial slab needs some help.
Vicinity of Palace Drive in New Braunfels
Need to raise drive way 3.4 inches to get into garage! What is a ball park cost for this service?
Vicinity of S Peach Ave in New Braunfels
Pier and beam rrpair
Vicinity of Lee Street in New Braunfels
Underpinning on 1411 needs some serious TLC.
Vicinity of Seidel St. in New Braunfels
House foundatiion leveling , pool skirting and driveway possible candidates for poly-level ..all need to be addressed.
Vicinity of Hunt Street in New Braunfels
Cracks in concrete slab and interior.
Vicinity of Raven Ridge in New Braunfels
4' x 14' patio slab dropped 1 to 1 1/2 inches
Vicinity of McQueeney Rd in New Braunfels
Pier and beam foundation needs some leveling.
Vicinity of California Blvd in New Braunfels
I need an estimate for pier and beam foundation work. My home is about 1,500 sq ft
Vicinity of Stonewall St in New Braunfels
I Have Some Area's Around My Pool Where The Concrete Has Drop Lower That The Pool Deck And I Need To Get This Brought Back Up Flush With My Pool Deck So I Can Caulk My Pool Exp. Joint.
Vicinity of Appellation in New Braunfels
Our driveway has erosion and we are looking to see if PolyLEVEL would be an option for repairing. The erosion was caused by heavy waterflow across the driveway.
Vicinity of S. Cora in New Braunfels
Pool side patio sunken on one side
Vicinity of Jordan Crossing in New Braunfels
Our driveway and yard are separating and creating cracks. We are requesting a quote for poly level to fill the gaps under our drive way. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lou Ann Dr in New Braunfels
Backside of house settled. About 4" at lowest point.
Vicinity of E. Torrey in New Braunfels
Hi, My home is over 100 years old and is a pier and beam foundation. The front bedroom appears to be sinking. Can we schedule a free estimate? Thank you, Patty
Vicinity of Tarrant Trail in New Braunfels
Drywall cracks and mortar cracks. would like an estimate on what is needed to correct.
Vicinity of W Coll Street in New Braunfels
I'd like to get more information about foundation repairs. It's my mother's home and I can see that there is some cracking in the walls and ceilings. She has a basement and I don't know what all is involved with properly supporting the foundation. Please feel free to give me a call at your earliest convenience.
Vicinity of Granite Run Dr. in New Braunfels
Needing repair to a manufactured home. One side of the house has settled more than the other.
Vicinity of Lee Street in New Braunfels
Would like to see if I have any foundation problems that need repaired. I am looking to sell my house.

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