At BAIRD FOUNDATION REPAIR we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and stable foundation.

Strengthening Structures In Your Community

In Bandera, TX, foundation issues are a common concern for both residential homes and local businesses. The expansive Texas soil swells during heavy rains and contracts deeply during dry spells, leading to structural problems. When you discover your property is on unsteady ground, rely on our team for trustworthy foundation repairs.

Baird Foundation Repair has been a proud service provider in Texas for decades, delivering unmatched expertise. We offer more than just foundation repairs. Our comprehensive services include concrete leveling and crack repair for driveways, pool decks and sidewalks. Ensure the safety and aesthetic appeal of your property with our solutions.

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We’re Here For More Than Foundations

In addition to foundation and concrete services, we provide crawl space encapsulation and concrete sealing. Whether safeguarding your home’s underbelly from water damage or enhancing your walkways, we’re prepared to assist you! Contact us for prompt, secure and dependable services tailored to Bandera’s needs!

Bandera’s Crawl Space Encapsulation Experts

Not only can your crawl space sag over time, but most spaces smell like mold or mildew. This smell is typical in the area due to high humidity levels. The condensation build-up can eventually push the humid air through the floorboards and into your home, as well as cause rotting issues.

To fix humidity problems, we install our CleanSpace®️ Vapor Barrier to cover the floor and walls of your crawl space. This encapsulation process transforms your crawl space to a dry, mold-resistant area that can be used for storage all while protecting your home.

If your crawl space is sagging, our SmartJack®️ Stabilizers are an adjustable, galvanized steel support that can restore your structure back to its original position. It cannot develop rust, meaning it can be used for years and be adjusted, if needed.

Solutions For Cracked And Sinking Concrete In Bandera, TX

A 75-year-old home can look brand new with some simple interior and exterior remodeling — but if the sidewalks are cracked and uneven, it will still look like an old home. If your sidewalk, driveway, patio or deck concrete is cracking or sinking and you’re worried about the expense of replacing the entire slab, don’t be.

Our motto is “Raise it, don’t replace it!”, and not only can we raise concrete to return it to its original height with our PolyLevel®, but we can seal cracked concrete to make it look brand new again. With our PolyLevel® foam injection, we can safely lift and level your concrete without having to pour a new slab or make a mess with mudjacking.

To seal cracked concrete and prevent moisture from seeping under the slab, we use our NexusPro silicone-based sealant. Different from local hardware store sealants, the NexusPro sealant won’t crack, bubble or dry out, lasting for years to come.

Whether you just repaired your cracked, sinking concrete, have existing structures or wish to protect newly installed concrete, we offer a concrete sealant that can extend your slab’s life by 3 to 5 times overall. SealantPro™ concrete sealant bonds with slabs on a molecular level and in just one quick application can permanently protect against water, gasoline, oil, debris and more.

When you go with Baird Foundation Repair, you know you’re going with a foundation repair company Bandera homeowners and business owners can trust. Backed by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, let us restore value and safety back to your biggest investment.

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