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At BAIRD FOUNDATION REPAIR we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and stable foundation.

Foundation Solutions In San Marcos, TX

We are proud to serve San Marcos in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. And while it’s often referred to as “San Marvelous,” the fact is that many houses and buildings in San Marcos develop signs of foundation damage and crawl space issues over time. That’s where we come in! At Baird Foundation Repair, we bring long-lasting foundation repairs and concrete solutions to San Marcos homeowners. Our services include concrete leveling, crack repair, garage lintel repair and concrete sealant and staining. Turn to Baird for more than foundation solutions — we’re here for crawl space encapsulation, pool deck repair and sidewalk repair. We’re here for your home and property!

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Baird Goes Above And Beyond

We work with San Marcos homeowners who’ve experienced signs of foundation settling and cracks. These signs often signal a foundation problem and safety risk. Our in-house team of system design specialists have years of experience inspecting foundations and designing solutions. After an initial inspection, we design and propose a solution employing our innovative, proven foundation products. You’ll be glad to learn that we offer a trusted warranty against product defects and that the average residential repair project is often finished in less than a week!

Expert Concrete Repair Contractors in San Marcos, Texas

Concrete walkways, patio decks, garage floors and all of the other concrete around your home are prone to cracking and sinking. These eyesores that develop are also tripping hazards for your family or any guests to your home. We work with San Marcos homeowners to fix concrete in ways that are quick, clean and non-invasive.

Our experts use PolyLevel®, a superior polyurethane foam. It’s a very different approach from mudjacking, which is the method favored by most contractors. Our method involves drilling small holes in your concrete, injecting the PolyLevel® foam and managing its expansion to lift the concrete back to its original position. In contrast, mudjacking is heavier, requires drilling larger holes in the concrete and does not last as long as PolyLevel®.

For cracked concrete, Baird Foundation Repair offers NexusPro cracked concrete repair. This ultra-flexible concrete sealant restores concrete cracks while resisting extreme temperatures, irregular weather patterns, UV rays and more. Call today or send us this form to learn more about this cracked-concrete repair solution that can be installed all year round!

We also offer a durable concrete sealant for freshly repaired concrete, new structures and existing structures. SealantPro permanently bonds with concrete slabs on a molecular level to extend your slab’s life by 3 to 5 times overall in just one quick application!

Crawl Space Repair in San Marcos, Texas

Have you discovered water or dampness in your crawl space? Maybe you’ve lived with it for some time without noticing. Unfortunately, the ill effects of wet crawl spaces are unpleasant and don’t go away, whether it’s the growth of mold, musty odors, rotting wood, or other structural issues.

Fortunately, we’ve got trained experts who can completely encapsulate your crawl space with a CleanSpace® vapor barrier. We can also dehumidify, insulate, and stabilize your crawl space. Our free inspection and estimate are the first step to a safer, drier home.

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