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Since 1969, Baird Foundation Repair has always strived to treat the businesses we work with as part of our family. Baird Foundation Repair is proud to bring the same integrity, quality, and service to helping businesses lay the groundwork for a quality, lasting commercial construction project.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is an amazing material with applications across numerous industries, including oil and gas pipeline installation.

SPF can be especially useful when pipeline trenching work takes place in rocky, uneven or steeply inclined terrain. When these conditions are encountered, some sort of pipeline trench support is required. Sandbags have traditionally been used to construct trench breakers, but our spray foam crew can do this work faster, more affordably and with superior results.

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The 2-part foam used in geotechnical applications has unique characteristics that provide important advantages in trench breaker construction. When the SPF resin and catalyst compounds are mixed at the application nozzle, the resulting chemical reaction turns the liquids into expanding foam with excellent adhesive qualities. The foam penetrates into loose soil and bonds to the sides of the trench excavation.

The foam expands, hardens and cures within minutes, making it possible to complete each trench breaker in a fraction of the time that a larger crew would require to build with sandbags. The cured SPF support is inert, environmentally safe, and immune to moisture damage.


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"They moved the chimney a total of 15 inches. It fit like a glove. Baird would be my first, go-to, foundation repair company in San Antonio".
Robin and Keith M.
"I was very impressed... I didn't get any other bids. Being in business myself, I got a good feeling about Baird."
"Baird is truly a business to look up to for other businesses... I've already started recommending Baird to other properties out there."
"They were great. Very respectful of our property; they felt like family went they left!"
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