Baird was built on the principle of doing things right, a family tradition and has expanded on that notion as we’ve grown over the past 50+ years. We aim to exceed expectations during every customer touch point and constantly seek to make improvements to our customer service process. We take all customer feedback seriously and we make it right when we make mistakes. Check out our testimonial library to hear first-hand from satisfied customers.
Our customer was having issues with his two-story Victorian style home located in downtown San Antonio. With years of construction work around his house, he was very happy to have Baird Foundation Repair fix all the issues with the leveling of his foundation. Our System Design Specialist, Project Manager, and Lead Foreman made sure to walk our customer through the whole process to ensure everything was done correctly.
Gary G.
Our customer noticed her house was slowly moving away from the chimney and causing a lot more damage than expected. She called Baird Foundation Repair after being referred to by other local businesses. We are extremely proud that we could exceed our customer's expectations.
Whitney M.
Baird Foundation Repair went to visit a home on the North East side of San Antonio. Elia (home owner) was experiencing some shifting on the backside of her house. Her patio post where leaning causing problems for her roof and she experienced sticking doors. After we were finished with her home, those problems were immediately solved.
Elia S.
Baird Foundation Repair visited a home off North St. Marys St. to fix a very bad foundation. Mrs. Toro said no one would even look at it. At Baird Foundation Repair no job is too big for us, we are happy to take on the challenge and provided a permanent fix.
Polly T.
Baird provides quality work on this customer's foundation.
Juanita H.
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