At BAIRD FOUNDATION REPAIR we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and stable foundation.

Houston residents and business owners have relied on Baird Foundation Repair for over 50 years. Whether you’re dealing with a tilting chimney, a sloping floor or cracks in your walls, we have the foundation repairs to get your home back on solid footing!

Don’t let broken concrete keep your home or business from looking its best. Our services include concrete leveling, crack repair and driveway repair. We can lift or repair your concrete to make it flat and safe again!

Turn to Baird for crawl space encapsulation services, too! With our solutions, the space beneath your home will be protected from moisture and potential mold growth. Look no further than our team for pool deck repair, concrete sealing and more. At Baird Foundation Repair, we’re here for your home!

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Foundation Repair Services In Houston, Texas

The foundation repair experts at Baird Foundation Repair have provided Texas homeowners with foundation and concrete repair solutions since 1969. If your house is showing signs of foundation issues, the first step is to get the problem assessed by experts in the foundation repair industry!

Our System Design Specialists can provide a free inspection of your home and a free estimate foundation repair by proposing an effective solution from our full range of innovative foundation products. We can offer you a reasonable and profitable home foundation repair cost. Our residential repair projects are completed precisely and efficiently, and we offer a trusted warranty against defects on our products!

Soil expansion, improper drainage or crumbling due to age can cause foundation problems in your home. Stuck doors, cracked floors and leaning walls are a few signs that your home’s foundation is in need of repair. Don’t ignore these issues because poor foundation only gets worse with age! Improving your home’s structure can increase resale value and will lengthen its lifespan.

Concrete Repair, Leveling, & Sealing In Houston, Texas

Our concrete repair team assists Houston homeowners with their concrete issues and proposes solutions that will guarantee the integrity of your concrete slab, sidewalk, and driveway. Don’t settle for uneven walkways, discolored driveways, and cracked pool decks or patios! We are proud to offer innovative approaches that are effective, minimally disruptive, and will change the look of your home’s exterior.

For concrete leveling, our experts use PolyLevel®, a superior polyurethane foam that is injected into small holes drilled in the concrete. The foam expands and lifts the concrete until it is level!

We also offer a cracked concrete repair solution that remains durable during extreme temperatures, is long-lasting and resistant to UV rays, and cures in just 60 minutes. NexusPro, our silicone-based sealant, restores concrete cracks and joints and can be installed anytime of year.

Are you wondering how to prevent cracks in your concrete? Or wanting to fix mismatched coloring on your driveway? Our System Design Specialists recommend applying sealant to concrete surfaces like your driveway or patio for an added layer of protection.

Whether you just repaired your cracked concrete, or wish to protect newly set concrete, we offer concrete sealant products that can extend your slab’s life. SEALANTPRO bonds with slabs on a molecular level and in just one quick application can permanently protect against water, gasoline, oil, debris, and more.

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