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Foundation Repair

Most Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor Since 1969

We place a great deal of value in that which keeps our family safe from harm, making our homes one of our largest investments. You’ve put a lot of time, money, and trust in your home’s integrity, so encountering problems with its foundation, or even normal foundation cracks, can feel daunting. When it comes to foundation crack repair, it’s important to seek a solution as soon as problems arise. Although floor cracks, wall cracks, tilted chimneys, and other forms of foundation damage might be tempting to ignore, they compromise your home’s safety, appearance and value. Plus, foundation problems will only get worse with time, meaning more expensive home crack repairs down the road.

Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Baird Foundation Repair is the house leveling company that offers unparalleled expertise, superior installation methods, and custom-designed products not available anywhere else in Texas. Baird Foundation Repair is proud to help homeowners and businesses alike to help restore value to your most important asset and restore your peace of mind knowing that your foundation is solid, safe, and secure.

Foundation Problems

Whether you have cracks in your walls, sloping floors, or a tilted chimney, we can help you find the best solution.

Foundation Repair Costs

We are proud to offer our customers financing options to help them make their home as safe and structurally sound as it should be.

Foundation Repair Products

Baird uses the industry’s best solutions available to make sure your foundation issues are repaired permanently.

Residential Foundation Repair and House Leveling

Residential foundation problems can be caused by soil expansion, changes in soil moisture, or improper drainage. Issues like when a door is sticking, cracked floors, and leaning walls are a few signs that your home’s foundation is in need of repair. Avoid structural damage to your house by trusting the professionals at Baird with your foundation repair. Our services include wall crack repair, slab foundation repairs as well as pier and beam structures. Baird is proud to serve homeowners throughout Texas to safely repair your foundation and restore value to your home.

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Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundation issues typically arise for different reasons compared to residential foundation problems. The weight of the structure and improper gutter downspouts tend to affect commercial sites in ways that residential properties don’t usually have to worry about. Baird has served various properties like churches, warehouses, restaurants, and more to help ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Let our team work for you to make your building safer and more structurally sound with our thorough foundation repairs.

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