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Concrete Repair

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Lorena woke up excited, knowing that today she would get to see her son, daughter-in-law, and the twins. The twins had just turned five, and she was so excited to give them their birthday present – those new scooters the girls had talked about every week since Christmas.

The girls were ecstatic to try their new present, and everyone rushed out to Lorena’s driveway to watch the girls put on their new helmets and pads, and race along the driveway. The fun came to a halt as Lizzie’s scooter caught the crack. The same crack that welcomed Lorena home each time she pulled into the garage for the past two years. The same crack that she believed was linked to why her driveway was so much lower than her garage floor. “I don’t have the time to get all new concrete slabs for the driveway,” she said to herself.

Lizzie was okay after a few bandages and hugs, but Lorena’s previous thoughts of “I can get that fixed later” suddenly changed to more urgent ones. Lorena had seen a company called Baird Foundation Repair on the news and decided to give them a call.

Three weeks later, the girls were on their way back to visit with the new scooters in tow, and Lorena was proud to show off her repaired driveway that Baird was able to fix in less than a day. Surprised by the quick and easy repair process, her son Javier, a property manager for offices nearby, decided to give Baird a call to fix the company walkway.

Like Javier and Lorena, most homeowners and businesses put off concrete repair unaware that most repairs can be done in less than a day. Often, the repair is not a priority until you realize how cracked and sinking concrete can affect the safety of your family, employees, or customers. Baird is proud to help homeowners and businesses alike to help repair your concrete, allowing you to stay on schedule while we restore your peace of mind.

Cracked Concrete

Baird can help repair cracked concrete and prevent moisture from softening soil and causing further damage to your slab.

Concrete Leveling

Our team of experts and can quickly raise and level your concrete and can often be done in less than a day!

Concrete Sealant

We can help prevent discoloration and protect your concrete in just one application of sealant that cures in just six hours for same-day use.

Residential Concrete Repair

Concrete can crack or sink due to changes in soil moisture, soil washout from plumbing leaks or rainfall, and poorly compacted soil. These cracks and uneven surfaces can impact your family’s safety. Repairs can be done quickly, cost-effectively, and without having to replace the entire concrete slab.

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Commercial Concrete Repair

Uneven and cracked concrete can give off the wrong impression of your business. Baird offers a cost-effective, time-efficient solution that doesn’t require your business to close for the day. Our industry-best solutions for leveling and stabilizing uneven concrete can be done for commercial, industrial, and even municipal projects.

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