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Have you noticed problems with your concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk? Don’t let the issue grow. It’s time to talk to the concrete repair experts at Baird Foundation Repair!

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The sun, water and time are three things that allow us as people to grow and thrive. However, ironically enough, these are three of the things that can actually cause big trouble for your home’s property — specifically its concrete surfaces.

While there’s not a very effective way to limit how often these factors are exposed to your property, there is a way that you can limit their effect. This can be done by calling a professional for concrete sealant services!

At Baird Foundation Repair, our team is highly experienced in this practice and is more than happy to lend a hand. However, before you seal the deal and schedule your service, it’s best to take the time to learn more about what concrete sealant is and how it can help. That’s why we’ve put together the following information to help you understand this option.


Concrete sealant refers to a coating that is put over concrete to help protect the quality and longevity of these surfaces. Baird Foundation Repair use the very best in the industry: SealantPro™.

Once applied, dried and cured, the sealant acts as a barrier between unwanted objects and the surface that you’re trying to protect. Here are just some of the things SealantPro can protect your property from:

  • Oils
  • Water
  • UV rays
  • Chemicals

Baird highly recommends calling in professionals to make sure SealantPro is applied safely and effectively. After all, an improperly applied seal won’t be able to block harmful materials effectively, resulting in future problems.

Why Choose Us?

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Why Choose SealantPro For Your Concrete Protection Needs?

When it comes to safeguarding your concrete, the right choice in sealants makes all the difference. SealantPro offers superior benefits over standard big box store brands:

  • Tailored solutions — SealantPro is specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of your concrete and local environmental conditions, ensuring optimal protection.
  • Superior quality — SealantPro uses high-grade materials that enhance the sealant’s ability to bond and protect against weathering and chemicals, extending the life of your concrete.
  • Professional application — Our team provides expert application to guarantee even coverage and maximum effectiveness, far surpassing the results of typical DIY applications.
  • Long-lasting durability — Sealant Pro’s advanced formulations mean you need to reapply less often, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Cutting-edge technology — Incorporating the latest in sealant technology, SealantPro contains UV inhibitors and flexibility enhancers to maintain the integrity and appearance of your concrete under various conditions.

Choose SealantPro for a superior defense against the elements, ensuring your concrete stays beautiful and functional for years to come.

When Is The Best Time To Schedule Sealant Services?

The best way to protect your concrete is to do it from the start! As time passes, unsealed concrete will start to wear down — whereas concrete that has a sealant placed over it will continue to operate with the quality you deserve.

For this reason, you should have the sealant put on before any serious damage occurs. If your concrete is already starting to suffer, it will likely need to be repaired before any further steps are taken. After all, without a repair, the problems would be locked in as they are, allowing pre-existing damage to worsen.

How Can Baird Foundation Repair Help?

When you need results, turn to Baird Foundation Repair for help. Our team proudly provides two options for your sealant. These options are DecoShield™ Tinted Concrete Sealer and SealantPro™.

Our DecoShield™ option is great for outdoor surfaces such as sidewalks or pool decks, and it even comes in six different colors to choose from. When you choose our SealantPro™ solution, the sealant only has to be applied once before it’s ready to provide long-lasting protection.

No matter which choice you go with, our team is committed to providing thorough, efficient and reliable service for your property.

Schedule Sealant Services With Baird

We care about the quality of our work, and we’ll prove it by providing customer service and expertise you can count on! If you’re interested in scheduling concrete sealant services for your home or business, visit our website or give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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Trust We've Earned

Jackie and Marco did an awesome job! They were both very friendly and answered all my questions and explained everything they were doing. I appreciate all their hard work. They are very dedicated to their customers and wanted to make sure everything was done correctly. I will recommend Baird to my friends and family. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their foundation. Thank you Jackie and Marco for taking care of me!!
Wendy H
Courtney and Jose just finished elevating and connecting my cracked patio foundation slabs with expanding foam. These two expert professionals did a wonderful job quickly. They even filled all the seams. This follows last week when Francisco, Frankie, and Jeb installed helical piers and steel beams to stabilize the foundation and keep it from sliding further from the house. This clay soil is horrid. These two teams of experts from Baird foundation get my highest recommendation. Also worthy of high praise are Alex Juarez and Jeb Kraft who designed the patio repair.
Tom W
The Baird Foundation Repair Team exceeded my expectations. The concrete leveling & repair Team led by Courtney was fantastic! They showed up earlier than expected (which was welcomed) & their job makes a cracked, ugly, unleveled patio around our pool look almost new! It looks great, and they did it in a record time. Courtney, Marco, David, Jackie & Jose were all very professional & friendly. I plan to have them back to level our sidewalk out front & seal & repair joints in our driveway in the near future! We also had our foundation secured as it was sinking after 10 years. That Team, led by James was also amazing! The job was completed exactly the way the salesperson outlined & it’s really an amazing process of digging the holes, driving the stabilizers into the ground until they hit bedrock, attaching the bracket under the foundation footing, and filling in the holes was simply amazing. The team had to dig 5 holes (2 of which were under a concrete pad - for the pool equipment) in this Texas heat, and it was simply amazing! I was worried sick about the potential damage to the ton of conduit from pool equipment to the pool, the sprinkler system & landscape lighting as the expense to repair all that would have been excruciating, but they avoided it all, and no damage was done, avoiding those costly repairs! James & his team, made up of Jesus & Sadorion, were all very professional & friendly. James kept me abreast of what they were doing all along the way & made sure he checked in when they arrived & checked out when they left. They were in & out in 3 days & it’s like they were never here & the feeling of the house being secure & not sinking anymore is a great piece of mind! Well done Team Baird!
Peter L
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