Are Pool Cracks Serious?

April 28, 2021 Baird Foundation Repair

It’s almost summer in Texas and that means it is time to open up your pool. But wait! You notice a crack in the structure of the pool. Here some tips to determine how serious the crack may be and steps to repair it. 

What caused the pool crack? 

Like all things, the pool and its structure are affected by years of use and weathering over time, so it is not uncommon that it could crack. Shifting ground around the pool or accidental damage can also cause cracks. 

The weather can have a big effect on your pool as well. Dramatic variances in temperature could cause the concrete to shrink or expand, therefore causing cracks. Because of this, you should always be aware of potential freezes that can affect your pool’s structural integrity. 

When installing a pool, make sure the land is level and at low risk for earthquakes, as not doing so can lead to irreparable damage. The best way to ensure an unproblematic pool is to find a team whose installation is of the best quality. It’s important that everything is of top-notch quality.

How serious is the crack?

There are several different areas of the pool where cracks can occur including the gel coating, plaster or behind/on the tiles. Cracks in the pool could vary from a web-like crack, which requires a more simple repair, to more severe cracks that require pool draining and plaster repair.

No matter the size of the crack, it is important to get it repaired in order to prevent further damage to the pool. The crack could turn into a larger structural problem or lead to problems with the areas around your pool, putting your pool guests in potential danger. 

Pool Crack Repair

For pool leak and crack repair, there are a couple of different options based on what exactly the crack is. If there’s only, a small crack you want to make sure the crack is clear of debris and then fill it with a clear outdoor silicone or pool patch. Once the cracks are fully filled, smooth off the excess and you’re good to go. The easy part about the pool patch is it can be applied while the pool is still full!

For a bigger, moderate crack, it will most likely require you to drain the pool. For the pool leak repair, you should use pool plaster, which you can buy at most hardware stores. Once thoroughly filled, you can add water back into the pool because the plaster can cure in water. 

When it comes to more dramatic cracks, you will need to drain the pool for repairs and hire a professional. For these cracks, at-home remedies might not do the trick, and you should contact a concrete company to do the repair. By investing in professional concrete repair, you can prevent major structural damage to the pool. 

If you are unsure how to safely repair your pool crack at home, you should contact a professional. The specialists at Baird Foundation Repair are ready to get your pool in top shape for the summer and help patch any cracks. Contact us today to get a free inspection and expert tips.