Pool Deck Repair

Concrete Pool Deck Repair In San Antonio

There’s no better way to beat the Texas heat than taking a dip in the pool. However, a sunny swim can become increasingly difficult when your deck is in disrepair. With the help of a dependable foundation repair team, you can combat the high temperatures without safety hazards.

Baird Foundation Repair has a team of expert contractors you can always count on! Our team has a drive to provide quality services and strives to provide you with consistent peace of mind. We’re here to fulfill all your pool decking repair needs, keeping your outdoor oasis in excellent condition.

Causes Of Pool Deck Damage

Concrete decking is prone to experiencing wear and tear over time. When this occurs, you may notice the material cracking or settling. Instead of dealing with an unlevel concrete surface, count on us to solve the issue!

Soil Movement

Texas is no stranger to unpredictable weather. One day is rainy and cold, while the next is a dry, sweat-producing heat wave. These outdoor conditions can cause soil to move, which can damage your concrete.

Rainwater can cause dirt to move and erode. The soil will retain the moisture and can significantly expand in some cases. This expansion can lead to cracks in your decking.

In contrast, dryer times of year will reduce moisture in the ground, causing the soil to contract. When this occurs, gaps may form beneath the structure and cause it to sink.

Poor Compaction

Many concrete pool decks are prone to settling because of poor soil compaction. When backfill soil is added, it may lack the density it needs to support a concrete slab. This loose soil can compress under its weight, leading to settlement.

Failure To Seal Cracks

When small cracks form in your decking, it’s crucial to correct them as soon as possible! Failure to repair minor damages provides an entrance for water, allowing it to seep into the soil below the deck. Since concrete is a porous material, it can quickly damage your pool’s structure.

PolyLevel® Concrete Pool Deck Repair

Concrete replacement techniques are an older method of deck repair. Unfortunately, this technique can damage your yard and takes longer for concrete to harden. Baird Foundation Repair utilizes high-quality technology that saves time and prevents landscaping issues!

PolyLevel® is a dense polyurethane expanding foam used to correct concrete settlement. Our team will drill small holes into the settled areas of your concrete and inject PolyLevel® into these openings. Once the spaces are filled, the substance will begin to expand and level the slab. After the process is complete, we’ll seal the holes and let you get back to enjoying your swimming pool!

Benefits Of A Pool Deck Repair Service

Your home is your sanctuary. Even though your pool may seem like a small portion of your residence, it’s one of many components that make up your living space! When your deck experiences damage, a reliable repair service can provide you with many advantages. A few benefits you can expect are:

  • Improves poolside safety
  • Increases the lifespan of your concrete
  • Boosts the appearance of the deck
  • Increases property value
  • Less intrusive installation process

With our dependable contractors on your side, you can achieve consistent poolside rest and relaxation! We’re here to improve the quality of your structure, one repair service at a time!

Pave The Way With Pool Deck Concrete Repair

When you’re in need of a repair service, let Baird Foundation Repair take a crack at it! We’re here to provide foundation repair Houston and San Antonio homeowners can count on.

With over 50 years of experience under our belt, we’re the company you can count on to solve hazardous structural problems. Contact us today to correct issues with your pool deck!

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Baird Foundation Repair visited a home in the Universal City area of San Antonio. Mrs. K's driveway, patio and pool deck began to sink, causing tripping hazards. Baird Foundation Repair came in and lifted her concrete slabs to make it safe for her and her husband to enjoy their outside spaces with a peace of mind.
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