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From cracks and gaps to sunken concrete, you need a team that can resolve these issues fully. Reclaim your peace of mind with level, smooth, walkable concrete around your home with Baird Foundation Repair.

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When roaming through the neighborhood, you may find yourself admiring the many houses on the block. These homes have comfortable porches, fresh paint and driveways free from cracks and other imperfections. Your driveway boosts the curb appeal of your home, but it’s also highly functional! Sunken and uneven pavement can have a negative impact on your home and vehicles.

Baird Foundation Repair is here to repair concrete driveways and provide convenience to Texas homeowners! If cracks and unleveled surfaces aren’t corrected, they can cause structural damage to the pavement. Our repair services will address the problem quickly, preventing the need for a complete replacement!

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What Causes Concrete Driveways To Sink?

An uneven driveway can cause you to experience a literal sinking feeling. Various factors can cause the pavement to sink, affecting your property value and safety. Understanding these issues can help you determine when to contact a professional for an efficient repair service.

Soil Erosion

One significant factor that contributes to concrete sinking is soil erosion. Over time, the natural forces of wind and water can gradually erode the soil beneath the pavement’s surface. Once the dirt is displaced, it creates empty spaces, causing gaps to form beneath the pavement. These voids compromise the soil’s ability to support the concrete, leading to sinking.

Soil erosion has a negative impact on the structural integrity of your driveway, making it susceptible to further damage. Our experienced contractors can address this issue and perform efficient repairs to correct the problem.

Poor Soil Compaction

When a driveway is initially constructed, the soil needs to be compacted to provide a stable foundation. However, if this crucial step is overlooked or not done correctly, the dirt may remain loose and settle over time. These pockets of softer soil can erode faster, which creates gaps underneath the concrete slab.

Tree Roots

Trees and greenery are an effective way of boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal. However, tree roots can be a hidden culprit behind sinking. Looking for moisture and nutrients, the roots can exert pressure on the soil and create compaction problems. Over time, this can cause concrete sinking and other damages.

Examine the trees in close proximity to your home. Large, mature trees with extensive surface roots are more likely to cause problems. Our reliable repair services will correct the sinking and cracks on your driveway.

Common Causes Of Driveway Crack Repair

It’s easy to brush off a small crack in your concrete and view it as a minor imperfection.

Close up of concrete cracks in a driveway with a brown garage door.

 However, this damage can indicate a bigger issue with its structural integrity.

Understanding what causes them to occur can help you know when to contact our team for assistance. Cracks can form for many reasons, a few of which are:

  • Weathering
  • Old age
  • Poor drainage
  • Heavy loads
  • Exposure to sun, rain and temperature changes

Minor cracks can be corrected with patching. However, you’ll need professional assistance to determine if an underlying issue is causing the damage to occur. Our team of experienced professionals is prepared to monitor the condition of your concrete! We’ll provide efficient solutions to help put a stop to hazardous structural problems.

Why Choose Baird Foundation Repair?

When you need a dependable foundation repair company that puts your needs first, look no further than the experts at Baird Foundation Repair! Integrity is our foundation — a quality you can expect during every single one of our services. Our team provides best-in-class solutions that keep our customers at the center of our focus.

Your needs and desires motivate our experts to do their best work! Our efficient Polylevel® concrete repair systems are non-invasive and capable of lifting your driveway back to its original position. We take pride in making your home the sturdy structure you deserve!

The Concrete Driveway Repair Experts You Can Trust

At Baird Foundation Repair, you can take advantage of services that exceed your expectations. Our industry professionals are known for their skill and expertise, making our team the best choice for your structural needs. Contact us today to schedule your next repair service!

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"The crew was phenomenal.. I would not hesitate to recommend Baird Foundation Repair to any of my neighbors who need their driveway repaired."
Ralph & Sandra B.
Baird Foundation Repair visited a home in the Universal City area of San Antonio. Mrs. K's driveway, patio and pool deck began to sink, causing tripping hazards. Baird Foundation Repair came in and lifted her concrete slabs to make it safe for her and her husband to enjoy their outside spaces with a peace of mind.
Renate K.
Raised the driveway 3 7/8 inches with the PolyLevel system. Worked perfectly well and the service manager was great. Josh and Dillon arrived on time and completed the repairs quickly and cleanly.
Charles & Carol G.
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