PolyLevel Injection

Concrete Leveling with PolyLevel®

When your concrete is experiencing a literal sinking spell, you need a reliable method to lift it back to its original position. Mudjacking is a traditional option that many homeowners use, but it can be less efficient compared to polyurethane solutions.

When you’re looking for a fast and less invasive method of concrete leveling, look no further than Baird Foundation Repair! Our team utilizes the best products in the industry to provide you with top-tier results. With the help of our PolyLevel® system, we’re one of the best concrete leveling companies throughout Texas.

Poly Level

What Is PolyLevel® Injection Foam?

The PolyLevel® system is made up of an expanding polyurethane foam. The material is used to lift sunken pavement, such as concrete sidewalks and cement driveways. This method utilizes the concept of mudjacking but transforms it into a highly efficient and beneficial process.

Our team uses specialized machinery to drill small holes into areas of your pavement that have settled. When the voids have been filled, the material’s expanding properties will work to lift the slab. As the product cures, it expands into small internal cracks and forms a protective seal. Once the process is finished, our experts will grout and seal the holes.

What Is Polyurethane Used For?

Concrete stability depends on the soil underneath it. When the ground experiences erosion or shifting, it can cause the pavement to sink and become uneven. Polyurethane foam has many lifting and strengthening capabilities. A few common uses for this material are:

  • Lifts and levels sinking concrete slabs
  • Fills sinkholes and other voids
  • Stabilizes loose soil
  • Levels uneven sidewalks
  • Improves concrete load-bearing abilities

When you’re in need of an efficient lifting or leveling solution for your slab, this expansive foam may be the perfect solution! Baird Foundation Repair has the resources and expertise to jumpstart this effective process.

Benefits Of Using PolyLevel® Injection

Leveling concrete slabs has its own set of advantages. However, our PolyLevel® systems can provide additional benefits to your pavement! It’s crucial to understand the convenience associated with this lifting method when considering it for your home.

The Installation Process Is Non-Invasive

A mudjacking service may correct sunken slabs, but it can also cause other problems with your home. This service requires a larger and higher number of holes to be drilled into your pavement. The equipment is also heavier than the ones used for polyurethane injections, which can cause more soil compression beneath your pavement.

It’s Quick To Install And Cure

The installation process for this expansive foam is quick. In most cases, our team is able to inject the material and lift your concrete back into place within a day. The material cures quickly, allowing you to use and walk on your slab faster.

The Foam Is Strong And Provides Stability

PolyLevel® foam weighs roughly 4 pounds per cubic foot. Despite its lightweight properties, it can support larger loads and provides efficient lifting power. Since the material isn’t heavy, it makes it useful for weak soil that may crumble under heavier loads.

It’s Made Of Waterproof Material

After the curing process is complete, this polyurethane foam will not wash away. The material is made from effective waterproofing properties that prevent moisture from seeping into your foundation. It won’t degrade over time, nor will it release any harmful chemicals into the soil.

PolyLevel® Injection Foam Texans Can Count On

Concrete leveling has never been easier when you have Baird Foundation Repair on your side! Our team has a drive to provide quality services and achieve complete customer satisfaction.

With our efficient solutions and high technology, you’ll never have to stress over sunken slabs ever again. Reach out to us today to take advantage of our PolyLevel® injection systems!


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What Is Mudjacking?

Sinking concrete is an issue that no homeowner wants to experience. With the help of a reliable foundation repair company, you can say goodbye to these pavement problems with a PolyLevel® service!

Mud jacking is a traditional technique that lifts concrete slabs with a mortar-based mix. Learn more about how mud jacking works and why a PolyLevel® system is an efficient alternative.


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Baird Foundation Repair visited a home in the Universal City area of San Antonio. Mrs. K's driveway, patio and pool deck began to sink, causing tripping hazards. Baird Foundation Repair came in and lifted her concrete slabs to make it safe for her and her husband to enjoy their outside spaces with a peace of mind.
Renate K.
Josh was here to do the foundation work and also the PolyLEVEL installation. He was very nice and explained the process. He answered all my questions.
James V.
Josh the installer was on time. Extremely professional. Excellent worker. Cleaned the work area when all the work was completed. Perfectionist! Thank you.
Rita & Brian P.
Raised the driveway 3 7/8 inches with the PolyLevel system. Worked perfectly well and the service manager was great. Josh and Dillon arrived on time and completed the repairs quickly and cleanly.
Charles & Carol G.
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