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If you’ve noticed cracks above your garage door or signs of bowing or sagging, your garage may have a failing garage door lintel. Baird Foundation Repair is here to provide an effective solution for Texas homeowners.

We’re proud to be the exclusive dealer for the LintelLift System, a patented and permanent solution for failing garage door lintels. Best of all, it can be installed in just one day!

The Importance Of Addressing Garage Lintel Issues

Ignoring a failing garage lintel or cracks above the garage can have significant consequences, including decreasing your home’s value and curb appeal. More importantly, it can pose a serious safety risk to your family. Protect your home and loved ones with the patented LintelLift System.

The most common sign of a failing garage door is vertical or stairstep cracking in the brick above your garage. These cracks can appear above the outer corners of your garage door frame or in the middle of your garage door header, indicating a lack of support from the lintel below.

Understanding Garage Lintel Failure

A lintel is a horizontal support beam spanning across the top of your garage door opening, acting as a shelf to support the bricks above it. Garage door lintels are typically made of steel.

When this element begins to fail, you’ll often notice cracking or sagging. Most fail because they are undersized for the job in the first place. Ignoring a sagging garage door can lead to worsening issues, such as falling bricks, moisture damage or pest infestation.

Signs of garage door lintel failure include:

  • Cracks in the bricks above the garage door frame
  • Sagging or bowing in the middle of the header above your garage – look for the “smile!”
  • Sagging bricks over your garage door
  • Gaps between your garage lintel and trim

Our permanent garage repair solution can keep your door looking its best. Baird Foundation Repair offers warrantied garage lintel repair options that fix the problem permanently.

LintelLift System Advantages

We proudly present the LintelLift System, a patented and guaranteed solution for cracking and sagging bricks above your garage door. This system addresses the root cause of failing garage door lintels and ensures a lasting solution. Advantages of this product include:

  • Addressing the cause of failing garage door lintels
  • Guaranteeing a permanent solution
  • Minimal disruption during installation
  • Can be installed in just a day
  • Paintable vinyl trim
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free, no-obligation inspection and estimate available

If you’ve noticed your garage door lintel is bowing or sagging, or you’ve seen cracking above your garage door, schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate today.

Choose LintelLift From Baird For Peace Of Mind

Choose LintelLift for the peace of mind that only comes with a permanent solution and a 10-year warranty. Baird Foundation Repair is proud to offer garage lintel and structural foundation repair solutions for a broad range of foundation problems in most of South Texas, including San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

Don’t wait until your failing garage door lintel puts your property at risk. Choose the LintelLift System for a fast, permanent solution. Increase the curb appeal, value and safety of your home – we’re ready to work hard for you!

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