Are Pool Cracks Serious?

July 25, 2023 Baird Foundation Repair

In Texas, a great way to cool down during the summer is to hop in the pool. However, before you and your guests show off your cannonball skills, you notice a crack in the pool deck. How did this occur and how do you fix it?

Here at Baird Foundation Repair, we are dedicated to serving Texas areas including San Antonio, Houston and Corpus Christi with any foundation problems that may occur with your concrete.

How Did The Pool Crack Appear?

As years go by, factors such as weather changes, usage and weathering can cause the pool to shift. When the pool goes under construction, the concrete tends to settle. Loose soil can get under the concrete, causing it to sink.

When installing a pool, make sure that the portion of land you’re putting it in is level – if it is not level, cracks are more prone to happen when the surface is uneven.

Pool cracks can range from minor to serious in nature – let’s walk through the severity of pool cracks.

How Serious Is The Pool Crack?

There are several areas where a pool crack can occur, but a very common area is the pool deck. When it comes to concrete pool decks, large cracks could signal danger for you and your guests alike. Aesthetically, it can distract from the beauty of the pool, but cracks that cause uneven ground can injure both adults and children.

Fixing the crack, no matter how serious it may be, is important because it protects against moisture getting into the crack and making the damage far worse.

Fixing a Pool Crack

When fixing a pool crack, you want to keep the pool surrounds and deck safe. There are a few options depending on how severe the crack is. If it is a small crack in the concrete and you’re looking for a temporary fix, take these steps:

  • Take out any loose concrete stuck in the crack.
  • With either a broom or vacuum, clean out the debris.
  • Apply a crack repair product from a big box store.

Even though store-bought products can seal your concrete cracks — the results don’t last forever. Regardless of the size of your pool crack, it is best to call a professional so you can save your pool surround from further or repeated structural damage.

Meet PolyLevel!

The professionals at Baird Foundation Repair use PolyLevel® to help level uneven concrete. PolyLevel® is a high-expanding foam that we use to help level concrete without using a lot of heavy equipment.

The two-part foam mixture is injected into small holes drilled into the concrete. Thanks to the power of the PolyLevel® foam, it fills in the void that loose soil can make its way into, releveling the pool surround and helping improve soil stability.

When To Call The Professionals

If you are unsure how to fix your pool deck crack or the crack itself has become hazardous to you and your guests, it is time to call the professionals. Baird Foundation Repair specializes in concrete crack repair, no matter how big or small. If you’re looking for a specialist to fix your pool, contact us today!