Baird Foundation Repair’s Ground Breaking Ceremony

December 21, 2016 Melanie Chaney

Baird Foundation Repair

Baird Foundation Repair has been a family-owned and operated business since the 60s. We believe in doing things right, it’s a family tradition.

Exciting things are happening in 2017 for Baird Foundation Repair. Our office is currently located at the intersection of Clark and Fair Ave. behind the McCreless Corner Shopping Center. After being at this location for almost 30 years, Baird is happy to announce that we will be moving to a more suitable location for our expanding business.

Our new location is off Highway 37 and Hot Wells Blvd. across from the IHOP. At our new office, we will continue to provide the same great customer service we have since opening our doors.

It was a proud moment for Mr. and Mrs. Chaney and for the Baird team to break ground on November 18, 2016. If all goes well, we will be at our new location by May 2017. The Baird Foundation Repair team is excited to see where another 30 years takes us.

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