Do You Need Crawl Space Repair?

February 24, 2014 Melanie Chaney

If you have a pier and beam foundation, you likely have a crawl space, which is a small area between your home’s floor and foundation beams. Due to the dark, damp and humid nature of these areas, crawl spaces are easily damaged and often in need of repair. Following is a guide to help you determine if your home requires crawl space repair and what should you do if it does.

Because crawl spaces are not sealed off from the ground, they’re easily affected by changes in the weather. Rain, flooding, and high humidity can be detrimental to these areas. There are several signs that can indicate that you need crawl space repair in your home, some of which include the following:

If you have noticed any of these potential issues in your home, call Baird Foundation Repair for the help of a professional crawl space repair technician.

To repair your crawl space, Baird Foundation Repair will install brand new steel-enforced concrete posts in place of any rotting, molding, or sinking posts in your existing foundation. We may decide to place these and your existing posts deeper into the earth in order to access less vulnerable areas of soil, which can help prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. Additionally, if your crawl space issues have bled into other areas of your home and caused problems with the walls, doors, windows or flooring, we can fix these as well.

If you need crawl space repair in your home, contact Baird Foundation Repair at 210-534-4110 today to schedule a free inspection and get started.

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