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At BAIRD FOUNDATION REPAIR we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and stable foundation.

Permanent Solutions For Your Foundation Problems

At Baird Foundation Repair, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and stable foundation for your home. Whether your property is facing structural damage due to foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, erosion or any other challenges, we have the permanent solutions you need to restore the value and integrity of your home.

With our proven products and services, why go with anyone else? Our dedicated team serves Greater San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Austin and the entire South Texas region. Read on to learn more about how we can bring stability back to your home’s foundation.

Slab Pier Systems

SLAB FOUNDATION PROBLEMS are a common issue faced by homeowners throughout Texas. These problems can manifest as:

Baird Foundation Repair provides slab pier systems, which are designed to stabilize and, in many cases, lift sunken concrete slabs back to their original positions. These systems consist of interlocking tubular steel sections and are engineered for minimal disturbance during installation.

How Slab Pier Systems Work

Slab pier systems are specifically designed to stabilize and, when necessary, raise settled slabs. They are driven deep into the soil, connecting the slab to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between slab piers and other SLAB SETTLEMENT REPAIRS.

slab piers

Specially designed brackets secure the top of the pier to the underside of the slab, providing non-destructive repair with minimal excavation. The choice between different pier types depends on your unique situation and installation preferences. Our team is happy to walk you through your options – reach out to us today!

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Foundation Repair Products

At Baird Foundation Repair, we offer a comprehensive range of foundation repair products designed to address various structural issues. Our product lineup includes innovative solutions like foundation piers, helical piers and crawl space support posts.

Foundation Helical Pier Systems

Helical piers are versatile foundation repair solutions characterized by helical plates on the pier shaft. These plates aid in piercing the soil during installation and provide anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation or structural element is transferred to the pier.

Helical piers are ideal for stabilizing light structures like decks and concrete stairs. They offer fast and effective installation, making them suitable for year-round installation.

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Rendering of Helical Push Pier

Foundation Push Pier Systems

Our foundation push pier systems feature rugged steel construction with an external sleeve for added strength. These systems are ideal when soil conditions are uncertain, providing a permanent solution for settlement issues by reaching greater depths.

They are the preferred choice for lifting a home to its original position with minimal disturbance during installation. When it comes to deciding on push piers vs. helical piers repair, you can rely on our team to recommend the best solution for your home.

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Rendering of a push pier.

The SmartJack® Crawl Space Support System

To maintain a stable and level floor in crawl spaces, solid mid-span support is essential. The SmartJack® crawl space support system offers a permanent solution to problems caused by sagging and undersized beams, such as sloping floors, interior wall cracks and out-of-level door frames.

It can be adjusted over time for additional straightening and leveling and is compatible with crawl space vapor barrier systems, addressing mold and humidity issues.

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Depend On Baird

At Baird Foundation Repair, we’re your local foundation contractors with the expertise and solutions to address your foundation problems. If you suspect foundation issues but are unsure where to start, our team is here to help.

We provide free, no-obligation estimates, including on-site inspections, professional consultations and written cost quotes. Reach out to us today to get started on your foundation repair needs and restore the stability and value of your home!

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Helical piers can stabilize settling foundations by connecting footings and walls to solid, load-bearing soils. In many scenarios, these foundation piers will be able to lift your home back to the level position by the completion of the installation. The team at Baird Foundation Repair is ready to help you with the latest repair and installation services.

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At Baird Foundation Repair, we recommend foundation push piers to stabilize foundations that are settling or sinking and showing symptoms such as cracked foundation walls, tilting chimneys and jamming doors and windows.

Our patented system provides effective and permanent repairs for damaged foundations, ensuring that you have a safe, stable home.

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Welcome to a world where crawl space support services are not merely about structural stability but also about the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained foundation.

When it comes to safeguarding your property against the wear and tear of time and environmental factors, our team stands as your trusted partner.

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