Indoor Signs Of Foundation Problems

November 27, 2023 Melanie Chaney

Have you noticed abnormal structural issues inside your house? Trying to find out why your home feels different can be frustrating, but these problems can be a result of your foundation failing. Everybody deserves a home with a strong structure — which is why we offer repair solutions to rectify the issue.

At Baird Foundation Repair, we know that every home needs a strong and reliable base. When you suspect yours is failing, we’re here to help you recognize the signs of foundation issues inside your home so you know when to contact us for help.

Signs That You Have Foundation Damage

Structural issues aren’t always obvious at first glance. Your home will show a few warning signs indicating when a problem is present. Read ahead to learn some of the top indicators you have foundation problems.

Wall Cracks And Fractures

Wall cracking is a common sign that you’re facing structural issues. These can appear on interior and exterior walls and are most prevalent over doorways and windows. Diagonal cracks tend to be the most severe, as they indicate significant shifts in your home.

Cracks tend to be caused by soil settling, drainage issues and the shifting of your foundation. If you’re noticing that cracks are appearing around your house, you should contact one of our professionals as soon as possible.

Foundation Settling Or Sinking

If you notice your house seems to be settling or sinking on one side, it may be a sign of structure-related problems. It’s normal for homes to settle, but excessive and uneven settling is a sign of a big problem.

This settlement can occur from soil erosion, poor construction or unstable soil. Repairs should be handled by one of our licensed professionals and can involve anything from stabilization to installing supports.

Doors Stick Or Don’t Latch

If your doors are sticking or not locking properly, it’s a sign that your structure has shifted. As your home shifts, it can throw off the alignment of your doors. This issue makes it difficult for them to open or close properly. Sticking doors can be a nuisance, and if left unchecked, it can lead to a safety hazard.

Making sure a licensed contractor is there to examine your doorways can determine if your foundation is the cause. A professional opinion also ensures you get the best course of action for repair.

Cracks In Floor Tiles Or Wood Floors

Similar to wall cracks, cracks in your flooring can also be a sign of structural issues. This is especially true if the cracks are large or appear in a pattern since this often indicates that the area beneath is moving or shifting. If you notice these signs, it’s important to have our professionals inspect the area and determine if repair is necessary.

Trust Our Team For Slab Foundation Repair

When undergoing a repair service, it’s helpful to know what to expect from the process. Every home is unique and has its own individual set of needs. The repair process will vary on a case-by-case basis, but you can trust our team to find a solution to your problems!

Assessment And Inspection

The first step of structural repair is to have a thorough assessment performed by our professionals. We’ll look for signs of damage to determine the cause of the problem. Specialized equipment is used to measure how much the structure has moved. This process determines the extent of the damage and what type of repair method is most suitable.

Implementation And Repair Method

Once the problem has been identified, the next step is to implement your chosen repair method. There are several methods that can be used, depending on the type and severity of the damage.

Some of our methods include using a SmartJack® Support System for pier and beam homes or slab pier technology. Regardless of your situation, you can trust our team to find a reliable solution for your home.

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When it comes to foundation repair, you need a company you can trust, and Baird Foundation Repair is exactly that. With years of experience under our belt, we specialize in fixing sinking structures and making homes safe again. Don’t let a settling foundation sink your spirits. Contact us — we’ve got the expertise to raise your home and your confidence.