Should I Repair Or Replace My Crumbling Concrete?

June 11, 2022 Baird Foundation Repair

Repair vs. Replace Concrete

Although concrete is a tough building material, it does take quite a bit of damage over time. Aging is normal for concrete slabs, and many factors like moisture and weather can quicken the aging of your concrete. Baird Foundation Repair has been a trusted leader in concrete repair for over 50 years.

Our experts have the experience and knowledge to help you understand the extent of your concrete damage and how to turn your situation around. With new methods of repair and replacement options becoming more popular, we are here to help you make the best decision for you and your home long term.

Can My Concrete Be Repaired?

Many people wonder if aging or damaged slabs can be saved, and the short answer is yes. A concrete repair is always an option. There are many methods of repairing minor damage, like hairline cracks in your concrete. Substances like polyurethane have become popular for lifting concrete or filling gaps. 

Repairing cracks can be executed quickly and provide long-lasting results for some instances of cracked concrete, other types of damage may require more substantial repairs.

Benefits of Concrete Replacement

Small cracks are common in concrete slabs. They look minor, but these cracks widen and chip away at the sides over time. Depending on the area of your home where this is happening, it can become a costly problem for you. The closer these are to your home, the more likely it is for water that slips through these cracks to pool at your home’s foundation.

This kind of concrete damage can be found in places that are frequently used, like your patio. Before you think about your next patio concrete repair, consider a total replacement. In commonly used areas like this, the wear and tear placed on the concrete may not allow a simple patch to hold up.

Common Signs That You May Need A Replacement


If drainage has become an issue for your home, it may be time for a replacement. Your concrete slab, like a driveway, should be leading water away from home, not funneling water into its foundation or causing pooling.

Extensive Cracking

The cracking that we see with our eyes may not be a representation of the fractures lying underneath the surface. If you find that your concrete has severely webbed-like cracking, then a full replacement may be your best option.

Large Areas of Damage

A general rule of thumb is that if there are more than two inches of material to repair, then a full replacement may be your best option. Many people will find themselves repairing these same damaged areas over and over again. You can’t repair these large areas forever, it becomes more cost-effective and safer to replace it altogether.

Baird Foundation Concrete Repair

Even though some issues can be temporarily repaired, your best option will be to have an expert come out and perform a concrete evaluation. Concrete damages may look minor to an average person’s eye, but an expert can tell you the extent of the damages done.

DIY concrete repair is no simple task, so save yourself the project and get a foundation expert from Baird Foundation Repair to install your new concrete slabs.

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