What is Street Creep?

October 28, 2020 Tracy Hungate

Defending Your Home Against Street Creep: Tips And Strategies

Have you ever noticed cracks in your driveway or garage floor and wondered what might be causing them? You might be dealing with a phenomenon called “street creep.” While the name sounds amusing, the damage it can cause is far from funny.

Street creep occurs when the concrete road near your home expands and contracts from temperature changes, pushing against your driveway. This pressure can, in turn, force your driveway into your home’s foundation, potentially leading to significant structural damage.

Understanding and addressing the problem early with professional street creep repair can save you from costlier fixes down the line. That’s why our team at Baird Foundation Repair is here to share this guide, helping you understand the problem and how we can help.

Understanding Street Creep: Why Does It Happen?

Street creep is a result of temperature fluctuations that cause the road to expand and contract throughout the year. Many home builders install expansion and control joints in the driveway to offset the pressure this can cause, but this doesn’t always prevent foundation damage.

During winter, control joints in the driveway widen and can become filled with materials like sand, salt or gravel. In warmer months, the concrete expands, and if the joints are full of debris, the concrete can’t move properly and pushes against your driveway and home.

This movement happens gradually — often only a fraction of an inch at a time. However, these small shifts can accumulate, leading to several inches of displacement. Eventually, this can result in your driveway pushing into your home’s foundation, making the problem much worse and far more expensive to repair.

Signs And Symptoms Of Street Creep

Recognizing the early signs of street creep is crucial for preventing extensive damage. Look out for the following signs:

  • Cracks in your driveway or garage floor
  • Misaligned or sticking garage doors
  • Noticeable pressure or buckling near the foundation
  • Gaps or separations between your driveway and garage floor
  • Uneven or sloping driveways
  • Cracked or damaged expansion joints
  • Doors and windows that stick or don’t open and close properly

Now, it’s worth noting that not all foundation damage is caused by street creep. However, no matter what the cause is, foundation concerns should always be taken seriously.

Contact our team at Baird Foundation Repair for expert service that you can trust. We’ll be able to provide dependable solutions as well as insight into whether or not your home has fallen victim to street creep.

Prevention And Solutions: How Our Team Can Help

Addressing street creep requires the expertise of a professional concrete repair contractor, such as Baird Foundation Repair. We can help by providing driveway expansion joint repair services. During this, we’ll install expansion joints that can contract and expand with the concrete, reducing pressure buildup and preventing street creep.

Another solution we can offer is advanced sealants. Our sealants prevent debris from filling control joints, ensuring they function correctly throughout the year and provide protection for your foundation.

When our team works with you to repair your property, we’ll be able to share our insights and guide you to the decision that best fits your home’s needs. If you have any questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to ask!

The Importance Of Professional Inspection

A professional inspection is the best first step in addressing street creep. When you work with Baird Foundation Repair, our skilled system design specialists will diagnose the issue and recommend the most effective solutions.

During the inspection, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your driveway, garage and foundation, followed by a detailed explanation of the recommended repairs.

Take Action Today With Baird Foundation Repair

Street creep is a problem that slowly, but surely, worsens over time. Don’t wait for street creep to cause costly damage to your home. Trust Baird Foundation Repair to provide dependable, long-lasting solutions.

Give us a call and we’ll send a team member to your home for a free, no-obligation inspection.

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