When Should I Have My Foundation Repaired?

October 31, 2023 Baird Foundation Repair

Your Home’s Foundation is an investment in your future. Keeping it in top-notch condition is very important, as it provides the stability and support your home relies on. Various factors like moisture, soil changes and erosion can cause structural issues. Recognizing the signs early will help prevent costly repairs and ensure the safety of your home.

Baird Foundation Repair has worked with homeowners and businesses for over 50 years, making sure the crucial task of structural repair never slips through the cracks. We’re the company that can help you Recognize Signs of Foundation Trouble so that you know when to call in the experts.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

The good news about household structural issues is that they are often difficult to miss. The sooner you recognize one of these problems, the sooner you can get the help needed to address it. Looking into home foundation repair early can benefit you in several ways:

  • Stops structural problems before they get worse
  • Makes your home safer and more appealing
  • Deters pests from entering your home
  • Raises your home’s selling value

When you entrust one of our professionals with your home, you take care of your residence for the years to come. You can also reap these advantages a repair service has to offer!

What Are the Warning Signs of Foundation Problems?

The first step of repair is recognizing that a problem is present. By knowing the warning signs, you can be better prepared to begin improving your home!

Floor and Wall Cracks

One of the most noticeable signs of structural problems is the appearance of cracks in your floors and walls. These fractures may start small, but they can quickly worsen if left unattended. Keep an eye out for any new cracks, especially those that seem to be expanding.

Vertical cracks in walls or diagonal breakage near doors and windows are common indicators of structural stress. If you notice these issues, it’s time to contact our experts for assistance.

Doors Failing to Stick or Latch

Have you noticed your doors sticking or not latching properly? While it might be easy to dismiss this as a minor annoyance, it can be a sign of underlying structural problems.

A shifting foundation can cause door frames to become misaligned, making it difficult for doors to function correctly. If you notice you have to force doors open or closed, it may be a sign that repair is needed.

Cabinets and Counters Moved From Wall

Another subtle yet telling sign of structure-related issues is when cabinets and countertops start separating from the walls. If you observe gaps forming between your cabinets and the wall, or countertops pulling away, your home might be settling unevenly. Ignoring these signs can lead to further damage and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Gapping of Exterior Trim Boards

Your exterior trim protects your home from the elements. When your structure is compromised, these trim boards can pull away from the exterior walls and create visible gaps. Not only does this issue affect your home’s appearance, but it also exposes vulnerable areas to potential water damage. Addressing these gaps is crucial to preventing further problems.

Sinking Foundations

Sinking can manifest as uneven floors, leaning chimneys or visible gaps between the house and the ground. Sinking poses significant risks to your home’s stability and safety. If you notice any of these signals, it’s imperative to consult a professional foundation repair expert immediately.

Reach Out to Your Local Foundation Company

Your home’s structure is its backbone, so regularly inspecting for signs of degradation is crucial. Addressing problems promptly can save you money and time. At Baird Foundation Repair, we understand the importance of a solid structure and a quality home. We are committed to providing unmatched expertise and solutions to ensure your home stands the test of time.

Contact Baird today for comprehensive foundation services. Together we can secure the future of your home!