Why Should You Seal Your Concrete Patio?

November 18, 2021 Baird Foundation Repair

The idea of sealing your concrete patio may seem unnecessary; however, there are a lot of benefits. Sealing your concrete with Baird Foundation Repair can increase your patio’s lifespan and prevent it from looking worn out. Leaving your patio unsealed may leave room for cracks and could lower your property value. 

Despite not being a driveway or heavy traffic area, your patio is an important part of your home’s exterior to keep updated. Below are a few reasons why you should seal your concrete patio.

Patio Appearance

The appearance of your patio’s concrete slab matters the most – it can either decrease or increase your property value. Patio protection is similar to adding wax to your car or applying sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. It is a protective measure to increase longevity. A sealant, like SealantPro™ for example, will expand the life of your concrete by preventing your patio from cracking, staining, or becoming uneven.

Protection from Freeze-Thaw 

Your patio can suffer from “freeze-thaw” during the winter. We may not experience snow and ice often in South Texas, but unexpected freezing temperatures provide the opportunity for a freeze and subsequent thaw to occur.

Freeze-thaw occurs when concrete is saturated with water and the temperature drops, freezing the water that the concrete absorbed. Since frozen water expands 9% of its original volume, it causes distress to the concrete creating micro-cracks or even making existing cracks worse. When the weather warms up, the ice melts and reveals the damaged concrete.

Leveled Patio

As years go by with cracks expanding and water seeping into your concrete, the soil that’s leveling your patio is washed away, causing the foundation to become unleveled. At Baird Foundation Repair, we can seal your patio with SealantPro™ to protect water from getting inside these existing cracks and causing instability.

Stain Protection

Concrete sealant can protect against any unwanted stains that may appear overtime from regular activities such as painting, greasing lumber, or having a barbecue with friends and family. You can never be sure when a mess will happen! Applying a sealant will make cleaning up a lot easier and it’ll look as if your patio is brand new. 

How Does a SealantProProtect the Concrete?

There are multiple ways that patio sealant can protect your concrete patio:

  • Repels moisture from getting into the cracks of the concrete – Our sealant will cover any air bubble, even those that are too small to be visible the human eye. It will prevent anything from getting inside and eroding the concrete.
  • It strengthens the concrete lifespan – SealantPro™ permanently protects your concrete by penetrating deep into pores and actually bonding with the concrete, creating a strong, permanent barrier.
  • Prevents concrete breakdown from weather – The weather can weaken the concrete and make a new patio look as if it is several years old instead of just a few months old. Our sealant prevents concrete from breaking down due to adverse weather conditions.
  • The patio color will stay enhanced and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes – In just one clear, non-yellowing application, SealantPro™ permanently protects your concrete from its strongest enemies: moisture, chemical elements, and seasonal changes. With SealantPro™, concrete stays smooth and stain resistant.
  • Prevents mold and moss from growing on the concrete – SealantPro™ creates a strong barrier for your concrete by inhibiting moisture from moving through the concrete and helping to prevent mold and moss from growing onto your concrete.

If you’re interested in learning more about concrete patio sealing or SealantPro™, contact Baird Foundation Repair!

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