What Is Mudjacking?

Imagine that you’re enjoying your morning walk with Sparky. The sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. Everything is perfect until you trip over the uneven pavement in front of your home. Sparky may have gotten his extra steps in for the day, but now you’re passing the time by scheduling a visit to the doctor.

Sinking concrete is an issue that no homeowner wants to experience. With the help of a reliable foundation repair company, you can say goodbye to these pavement problems with a PolyLevel® concrete leveling service!

Mud jacking is a traditional technique that lifts concrete slabs with a mortar-based mix. Read ahead to learn more about how mud jacking works and why a PolyLevel® system, like ours at Baird Foundation Repair, is an efficient alternative.

How Does Mudjacking Work?

The concept of mudjacking driveways and concrete may sound complicated, but our team of contractors is here to break down the process. This service consists of three essential steps, all of which play a role in restoring your pavement back to its original position.

1. Drill Holes Into Concrete

To prepare for the process, a contractor uses specialized equipment to drill holes into the sunken area. These openings are drilled less than two inches into the surface. The placement of these holes depends on the severity of the pavement.

2. Insert Cement Slurry Into Holes

After the holes have been drilled, a nozzle is inserted into each opening. A mud-like substance, known as cement slurry, is poured down the channels. This fluid consists of cement, topsoil and water and is used to lift the surface from underneath it.

3. Seal The Holes

Once the slurry has been inserted, a professional will inspect the surface and make sure the process has been executed properly. The holes will be grouted and caulked to cure. After 24 hours, the mixture will have dried, and your slab will be ready for use.

Cons Of Concrete Mudjacking

While mudjacking is the traditional method, it has a few disadvantages that are crucial to consider. This is a common method of concrete lifting, but newer concepts have been developed to make the process easier. A few cons of a mudjacking service are:

  • Doesn’t repair damaged slab
  • Not suitable for shifting soils
  • Can cause structural damage
  • Larger holes than the PolyLevel® process
  • Shorter lifespan than polyurethane foam injection

With a PolyLevel® system, you can avoid many of these disadvantages! Our team’s efficient technology is less invasive than a mud jacking service while providing the same desired results. Its longevity, water resistance and effectiveness make it a popular choice among Texas homeowners!

PolyLevel® Up With Baird Foundation Repair

When the time comes to upgrade the pavement outside your home, Baird Foundation Repair is here to help! With our dependable PolyLevel® technology, you can rest assured that you’ll avoid the safety concerns behind uneven concrete. Reach out to our team today to schedule your next service!