Causes Of Sunken Or Cracked Concrete In Texas

If you were to try and damage your own concrete, you’d find that it takes a lot of effort. After all, it is incredibly strong. This means that when you see cracked or sunken concrete, there’s a reason why this happened.

Despite its strength, natural factors like soil movement, water and even time can easily cause cracks in concrete.

To learn more about why this is and how this happens, turn to the experts at Baird Foundation Repair for an explanation and to repair your cracked concrete!

Environmental Factors That Contribute To Damaged Concrete

If you’ve found that your driveway is cracking and sinking, ease your mind knowing that it’s not your fault! After all, when it comes to foundation, there’s not a lot you can do to go up against nature.

However, being aware of how your environment affects concrete can provide a better understanding of what causes foundation issues. Here are some natural factors that can harm your concrete.


There’s no question about it — flooding causes major problems. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it also causes serious damage to property. Unfortunately, your foundation isn’t always spared from this fate.

When flood water is absorbed into the soil, the soil will become softer and weaker. This makes it harder to support the concrete your property rests on. Additionally, this excess water can even push large amounts of soil away from your home, creating gaps underneath your foundation.

Dry Soil

While flooding increases the amount of water your soil is exposed to, the other side of the spectrum isn’t good for your foundation either.

When your home is going through a drought, the soil that your concrete rests on will begin to shift. As a result, patches of holes are formed in the ground, and your concrete may adjust to fill these spots.

This happens because without the soil to keep it in place, your concrete is more easily able to shift and crack. This is especially true if weight is put on any of these gaps.

Poorly Compacted Soil

When soil is compacted, it’s pushed together tightly with machines. This is done to make soil denser, allowing it to support heavier weights. This is important when your concrete is meant to hold up the cars in your driveway.

If the soil is not properly compacted, it can begin to sink and move. This will in turn damage your concrete and cause problems for your property.

Understanding How Concrete Moves

For something so strong, concrete can be a fragile thing when it comes to repeated wear and tear. One of the most common culprits working against the structure is water.

Concrete is porous, meaning water or air can go through it. Because of this, moisture can enter and begin putting pressure on it. This fact is extra important in areas with cold weather since the water can freeze inside the concrete.

The pressure this puts on your property can result in flaking, as well as other structural problems. Between water and shifting soil, it doesn’t take too much to cause movement in your concrete.

Watch Out For The Street Creep This Summer

Because concrete contracts or expands based on temperature, you may find your driveway becoming a victim of street creep during warm weather.

This happens because the concrete of the street that runs past your driveway will contract during the winter. As a result, materials like sand or gravel can fill these cracks in the soil.

When spring and summer arrive, the slab will attempt to expand again. If this space has been filled by gravel or other debris, the expanding concrete will put excess pressure on your property. Because of this, you are more likely to experience cracks or damage to your driveway. This is known as street creep.

Concrete Sinking Repair Strategies

Whether or not street creep, Mother Nature, or Father Time are responsible for your concrete problems, you can count on Baird Foundation Repair to come to your defense! Some of the ways we can help are by providing the following services:

  • Concrete leveling through foam injections
  • Mudjacking to raise concrete
  • Concrete replacements to provide a fresh start

If the causes of cracks in concrete have gotten the best of your home, our team is just one call away! Don’t hesitate to schedule your service with the experts who care.

Call On Baird Foundation Repair If You Find Your Driveway Cracking And Sinking

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We take our work seriously, and we won’t crack under the pressure! Give us a call to restore your cracking or sinking concrete.