Fall Maintenance for Texas Homeowners

November 9, 2016 BFR Staff

Rapidly changing weather in Texas is typical in most seasons. The morning can be cold and rainy, and by noon hot and steamy. Being aware and dressing appropriately to protect yourself is just as important to monitor and protect your home during these changes.

We at Baird Foundation Repair believe it’s important to perform regular maintenance on our homes. Keeping your home in tip-top shape ensures that it is comfortable and safe for daily living but also protects your investment and the value of your home.

Indoors: Staying Warm and Energy-Efficient

Has your home kept you warm over the last few years? What’s your crawl space like? If you’ve been casually monitoring it, rather than addressing obvious signs of rot, moisture or mold, you should check for signs of structural damage. A clean, dry, sound crawl space is a beautiful thing! The benefits of fixing your crawl space are many: the air you breathe will be healthier, the money you spend on energy bills will be lower and your worries about your home will be far less.

  • Take a look in your crawl space: time to address the issues?
  • Do you have cracks in your walls, floor, or ceiling? Uneven or sloping floor? Schedule an estimate for repair.
  • What’s the condition of any weather stripping you have installed on windows and doors? Did you experience especially cold air leaks last winter that weren’t fixed?
  • Swap out your screen windows and indoors and install storm windows and doors.
  • Check your attic insulation.
  • Book a fireplace/chimney inspection by a licensed professional.
  • Schedule annual maintenance and cleaning on your furnace, water heater and other appliances. If you have a SaniDry dehumidifier, schedule an annual maintenance, which includes changing the filters.
Outside Maintenance
  • Check your gutters and roof. Time for a gutter cleaning? Is your roof in good shape? Look for signs of damage or deterioration of shingles. If necessary, get it inspected.
  • Shrubs and plantings: Look for uneven fall color, mulch to trap warmth, and prune.
  • Driveway: Soil beneath can settle and compact, or wash out creating a void or empty space underneath. If so, get an estimate for repair.
Basic Safety Steps
  • Test your smoke alarms, carbon dioxide alarms and any other sensors you have installed. Replace batteries if needed.
  • Make sure any outdoor lighting is in good shape. Replace bulbs as needed.
  • Declutter and Haul Away – each change of season is a chance to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need or use.

We find that the more we do in the fall, the happier we are through the winter, no matter what Mother Nature brings. If you think it’s time to get your home’s foundation or crawl space inspected and repaired, call us for a free estimate. We service San Antonio, New Braunfels, Corpus Christi, and surrounding areas.

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