Helical Pier Installation: What You Can Expect

September 18, 2013 Melanie Chaney

In the past, poor soil conditions have been a deterrent for building projects. Now, however, poor soil and other foundation issues are no match for helical pier systems. Helical pier installation can provide needed support to commercial structures regardless of soil limitations. These piers are highly effective at stabilizing structures where there has been damage due to a settling foundation. In some cases, they can actually elevate a sinking foundation back to its original position.

To understand the helical pier installation process, it is helpful to first understand the basics of the pier itself. These steel pipes with helical, or spiraling, plates on the sides resemble giant screws and are driven hydraulically deep into the earth through multiple layers of soil. This allows the building load to be transferred from the weak or unstable soil to a deeper, sturdier level that can support the weight of the structure.

Helical pier installation is essentially a four-step process:

Exposing and cutting sections of footing
Driving the helical pier into the soil under the foundation
Securing a foundation bracket to the footing
The installed piers work together to transfer the weight of the structure to competent soil. If possible, the structure is also lifted back to a level position.
This installation can be accomplished either inside or outside of the foundation. If the installation takes place outside of the foundation, the soil around the foundation will have to be excavated in order to expose the footing. For an inside installation, the footing will be exposed by removing part of the slab floor. Regardless of the type of installation,helical pier installation is typically faster than other foundation installations. Other advantages include:

· Minimal damage and disruption to landscape and/or existing foundation.

· Cost-effective

· Environmentally friendly

· Usable in small spaces

· Ideal for a multitude of projects

· Installed year-round

· Installed without the use of heavy equipment

· Used on both light and heavy structures

· Improves the value of the building

· Offers a permanent solution to foundation problems

Signs of Foundation Problems

If you have notice any of these symptoms,there is a good chance you are having issues with your existing foundation and should consider a helical pier installation.

· Cracks in the floors or walls

· Uneven floors

· Spaces between your walls and the ceilings or floors

· Doors and windows that jam or won’t open and close correctly

Our helical pier systems are patented and come with a 25-year transferable warranty.

To learn more about helical pier installation or schedule an installation appointment, please call us at 1-210-534-4110 or contact us here.

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