How Your Chimney Can Indicate You Have Foundation Problems

January 20, 2022 Shelby Barker

A chimney can lend classic charm and curb appeal to a home. Like other parts of your home, however, it is susceptible to damage from foundation problems. Here are some signs that your chimney may be suffering from foundation damage:


A leaning or tilting chimney is a sign of a damaged or unstable foundation. A chimney is susceptible to oversaturated soil, or soil that is shifting due to an extended drought. When the ground beneath your chimney shifts, the chimney begins to lean away from your home, which is both aesthetically unappealing and potentially dangerous.


Most chimneys are built with brick or rock fascia. While these materials are attractive and quite durable, they don’t hold up very well when twisted and turned due to shifts in the soil. That’s why chimneys with foundation problems often exhibit cracks where the chimney meets the home. To prevent the problem from becoming worse, a technician may install a pier system.


A chimney that is entirely separated from your home is an indication of a worsening problem with your home’s foundation. Many homeowners attempt to patch up the newly formed voids between home and chimney with caulk, foam, or other materials. It is important to remember, however, that this is only a temporary fix. These materials will need to be removed when a technician repairs the foundation.

If your chimney is leaning, cracked, or exhibiting other signs of foundation problems, call your local foundation repair experts right away. Here at Baird Foundation Repair, our team has been professionally trained through the Supportworks network, making them experts in the foundation and concrete repair industry. We are here to help South Texas homeowners resolve a full range of foundation problems.  CONTACT US today to schedule your free inspection.