Our sales representative, Jared, was thorough and knowledgeable. He effectively communicated the value of the solution, the realities of the actual scope of work, and the warranty. I am not a fan of “salesy” salesmen. Jared had a great balance o f knowledge but at the same time was very approachable and certainly not “high pressure”. This allowed us to make an informed decision in our own time frame. Foundation repair is a BIG decision – a decision about re-investing in one of the biggest investments a family makes. Jared gave us the information necessary to make that decision without pressuring us. He then worked with my very chaotic travel schedule, coupled by a failure of the weather to cooperate, to ensure we got the job done as quickly as possible. I cannot say enough about your site crew, from your digging crew and foreman and how they worked with me to minimize landscape removal (my wife thanks you for that) to your pier crew. They constantly kept me informed of the progress and were willing to stop and “educate me” as I continually bombarded them with questions. They are so me of the most focused, hardest working guys I have had the pleasure of working with in years. To be sure, they probably thought I was crazy from day one, but they got right to work and got the job done ahead of schedule. At the end of every day, they left the work site as clean as possible and by the end of the project, other than where piers were placed, there was no sign of them having even been on site. AMAZING! There is no doubt, based on my experience with Baird, that I am very willing to recommend your services, your pro duct, AND YOUR PEOPLE to anyone that I know has a foundation problem. (Already have actually). Thank you for providing peace of mind. If we stay here forever, we feel that Baird has given us a quality solution that will “outlive” us. If we ever sell, I have the peace of mind that I am handing over a house…a home…that will not become a problem for the next family that has a dream of home ownership.