Ronald M.

The workmen, Josh and Deryl, arrived a few minutes early, introduced themselves, looked at the project, explained what they were going to do and got to work. They worked hard and didn’t waste time. These steps were wedged between the sprinkler system in flower beds on both sides. They were careful not to damage the pipes or the sprinkler heads. Apparently, when the steps were originally built, the upper steps and the lower landing were poured at angles opposite to each other. However, these guys did a great job finding a good balance between the two. To stabilize the steps, holes were drilled and “polylevel” pumped in. To finish the job, the guys patched the holes, cut off the overflow of the “polylevel” after it hardened, sealed and caulked the seam between the steps and the foundation, and cleaned up everything else. I can’t even imagine a better job. To top it off, Josh and Deryl were the nicest people to work with. Ben the salesman did a great job explaining everything and Monica, the office manager did a great job with scheduling and keeping me informed. Josh, Deryl, Ben and Monica were all very prompt, reliable, professional and friendly. What a great group to work with!!! I wish all companies were run like this!