Sheri C.

Sheri had noticed some problems with the kitchen and dining room floors. At first, she noticed the floors starting to bow, then they become bouncy. After she reached out to us, we sent her our System Design Specialist, Brian Holt. Brian went out to her home and did a free inspection. At that time he presented her with a solution for fixing the home. We sent our foremen Juan and his crew out to take care of the foundation repair needs. She expressed how much she liked the crew by saying how respectful, communitive and helpful they were. She also said Juan was an outstanding foreman and she really liked how he worked alongside his crew members. Sheri also had her Crawl Space worked on and added in a Dehumidifier. Right away she noticed her Crawl Space door opens and closes correctly now. She also noticed the floors beginning to become less bouncy and she feels confident that the problem will go away completely once the wood dries fully.