Using CleanSpace Crawl Space Protection for Your Home

January 20, 2014 Melanie Chaney

If you own an older home built on a pier and beam foundation, you’re probably familiar with the crawl space and the problems it can pose. CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation can address those concerns and offer protection for your home.

The crawl space rests on the soil that your home was built upon. While it may seem that would prevent foundation problems since the foundation isn’t resting on shifting soil, the fact is that crawl spaces present their own share of issues that must be remedied. A few common problems include:

· Rotting or shifting piers due to the soil retaining water and then drying out

· Water flowing into the crawl space during San Antonio’s notoriously heavy rainfalls

· Mold growing in the crawl space due to dampness and moisture

· Higher utility bills because these spaces usually aren’t properly ventilated

When one or more of these problems is present, we recommend CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation. It works like a large swimming pool liner and separates the crawl space from the home. This four-step process can repair any issues and protect your home and family by preventing recurrence. The steps include:

· Installing an interior drainage system to address any groundwater issues

· Sealing the walls and floors of the crawl space

· Sealing off air leaks

· Installing a humidifier to reduce dampness and risk of mold growth

If you’ve noticed humid air, standing or running water, mold, or strange odors coming from your crawl space, CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation could be the solution for you. For more information call Baird Foundation Repair at 210-534-4110.

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