Interior Wall Repair: Go DIY or Get Professional Help?

July 2, 2023 Baird Foundation Repair

We admit it; we love those DIY shows as much as the next person. However, some home repairs are better left to the experts, and foundation repair is one of them.

If you have noticed any damage to your interior walls such as:

Then these are warning signs that you are experiencing foundation issues and should get your foundation inspected. Paint, wallpaper, or store-bought repair products may help solve your problem aesthetically in the short term, but foundation issues cannot be ignored in the long-term without causing further damage to your home.

The biggest contributing factor to needing foundation wall repair is soil pressure, which can often be attributed to excess moisture. When the pressure becomes too much for the foundation walls to handle, they may begin to bow, tilt, or crack. When these signs become apparent, it means it’s time to call in a pro!

Soil can affect your walls in other ways too. If the soil underneath your foundation is unable to support the weight of your home, cracks will appear in the walls as the foundation begins to settle unevenly. This could look like vertical wall cracks or cracks that are wider at the top or bottom of the wall. It is important to be proactive and contact a foundation repair specialist because wall cracks caused by foundation settlement tend to worsen over time.

Our experts are trained in Foundation Supportworks™ systems, and we can recommend the best method for your foundation repair. To schedule an appointment with a specialist at Baird Foundation Repair, call us at (210) 534-4110 for a free inspection!

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