Is It Safe To Buy A Home That Has Had Foundation Issues?

September 9, 2021 Baird Foundation Repair

Buying a home is already difficult enough when looking for the perfect size, layout, and aesthetic that fits your taste. When you start considering other things besides the physical appearance of the home, it is beneficial to consider the foundation condition and possible work that has been done to the structure of the home.

There are different questions to ask yourself when inspecting the foundation and Baird Foundation Repair is here to help answer those questions.

Previous Foundation Issues 

In many parts of Texas, homes are built on top of clay soil. Clay soil is susceptible to the effects of varying amounts of rainfall. If it rains too much, it makes the soil swell, causing it to move and shift your foundation. If the soil becomes too dry, it will shrink and impact the stability underneath the concrete.

If you are worried that there have been previous foundation issues with your future home, check for uneven floorscracks in ceilings, walls, and floors, doors that don’t close properly, or a tilting chimney

Previous Foundation Repair 

Foundation problems may not be as extreme on older houses that have already been repaired. If the house has already sunk into the ground due to shifting piers and contracting, once the foundation is repaired, the house should not sink any further. It is now resting on fresh, stronger soil that should not cause any more problems in the future. So, if you are worried that your new future home has already experienced foundation repair then you could just be in luck.

Signs of Foundation Repair 

Besides knowing how to spot the signs of foundation issues, it is just as important to know the signs of previous repairs. The current owner of the house should know of any previous foundation work, but also getting an inspection to spot the signs would be beneficial. If there are current further repairs that need to be addressed, it would be best to ensure that there is a warranty on the previous repairs.

If you are still struggling with getting to know the condition of your new home, then contact Baird Foundation Repair today! We can help you determine if your new house is perfect, safe, and stable for you and your family.

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