Which Season Is Best for Foundation Repair?

February 22, 2023 Baird Foundation Repair

When it comes to foundation repair, is it more beneficial to schedule your service during a specific time of year? Some home repairs can be completed more efficiently during different seasons, so how do you know when it’s the best season for foundation repair? Here at Baird Foundation Repair, we care about providing our Texas customers with top-notch services for their homes year-round.

Our team has put together this guide to outline the benefits of scheduling your foundation services seasonally. With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why more and more San Antonio residents are choosing our team for their home services. For more information, reach out to us or take advantage of a free estimate for your foundation repair today!

Seasonal Foundation Options in South-Central Texas

Spring Cleaning Foundation Repair

Heavy springtime rains can saturate the soil, surrounding your home and causing cracks in your foundation. Many Corpus Christi homeowners take advantage of warmer temperatures by scheduling their foundation repairs during the height of “spring cleaning.” Turn to our team this time of year to get your foundation back into pristine condition!

Stabilizing Your Houston Home This Summer

During the summer, extreme Texas heat can cause the ground below your house to dry out and contract. Sometimes this movement can make your house settle, resulting in a broken foundation and other damage. The good news is, working with drier soil can help our team complete some repairs in less time!

Fixing Your Foundation in The Fall

As the weather shifts, temperatures become more tolerable, making it a suitable time to schedule foundation repairs. In fact, many of our customers make their foundation appointments in the fall before the busy holiday season. Set yourself up for a safe and stable finish to the year with repairs and services from Baird!

Why You Need Winter Foundation Repair

The soil under your home is more stable during the winter, and in South-Central Texas, the ground never fully freezes. More stable soil makes it easier to monitor for foundation damage. This makes winter an ideal time for our team to work on your home’s foundation. We will work hard to make your home as stable as possible for you and your family – because you deserve the best!

The Best Season for Foundation Repair Is Now

Whether the temperatures are heating up or cold temperatures are in the forecast, the best time to schedule your foundation repair is now. Most foundation repairs only worsen over time, increasing the future headaches and expenses needed to get your home back on track. If you notice foundation cracks or other signs of foundation damage, it’s best to call on the professionals as soon as possible.

Our team is ready to work for you year-round, no matter when you need us! For residents located in and around San Antonio, Houston, Austin, or Corpus Christi, Baird Foundation Repair is your trusted foundation repair company.

Turn To Baird Foundation Repair

Our customers deserve top-quality products and services. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing professional foundation repair year-round. We can fix your home’s foundation no matter what season it is because we’re dedicated to working hard for our customers. With our team on your side, there’s no reason to wait for the perfect time to schedule your service, since the perfect time is now. Contact Baird Foundation Repair to get started today!

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