Concrete Foundation Repair 101: Improving Your Home’s Lifespan

February 19, 2014 Melanie Chaney

Your foundation is what holds your home together, and if you want to ensure that your home lasts for many years to come, it’s important that you take care of your foundation and make any concrete foundation repair that is necessary before it becomes a big issue.

If you are in need of concrete foundation repair, you have a few options:

· Concrete underpinning – In this process, the soil is removed from around the foundation of your home and larger concrete footings are poured beneath the existing footings. Once hardened, this helps strengthen the overall integrity of your home and prevents future foundation problems from occurring.

· Concrete piers – Concrete piers are short concrete cylinders that are pushed into the soil beneath your home. They are placed one on top of the other and are held together by wire. A shim is then laid on top of the highest cylinder to help stabilize your home and reinforce your foundation.

· Steel piers – Steel piers, also call push piers, are long steel support poles that are driven deep into the soil beneath your home. They can be installed hydraulically from the interior or exterior of your home, and help steady your home by using stable soil layers deep beneath the earth. Steel piers can help lift your home back into its original position if walls or foundation are leaning, and stabilize the property altogether.

· Helical piers – Helical piers are installed in sections and screwed mechanically into the soil, enabling the repairer to reach great depths if necessary. Once installed, they can help close cracks, lift the home, and steady the foundation.

· Total foundation replacement – If the damage is extreme, the only choice may be a total replacement of your foundation. During this process, your home is lifted up and the existing foundation is removed and replaced. Soil is then filled in around the new foundation once it has hardened.

If you need concrete foundation repair, contact Baird Foundation Repair at 210-534-4110 today. We’ll inspect your home, recommend the appropriate treatment for your needs and budget, and help you complete the project to ensure that your home lasts a long time.

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