How Foundation Crack Repairs are Done

February 9, 2014 Melanie Chaney

Texas weather is extremely inconsistent; it is hot and muggy one day, cold and rainy the next. While this can make it difficult to determine your wardrobe for the day, there’s an even bigger problem that needs to be addressed: the weather’s effect on the integrity of your home. The constantly changing weather can cause serious foundation problems that lead to uneven floors, leaning walls, stuck doors and windows, and most commonly, cracks. If your home has developed any of these issues, there are a number of foundation crack repairs that can help you ensure that the integrity of your home lasts long into the future.

Some of your options for foundation crack repairs include the following:

· Patching or plugging. Smaller cracks can be cleaned and patched using a concrete-vinyl mixture, and for larger ones a foundation repair company may be able to plug them with epoxy.

· Foundation reinforcement. Steel push piers or helical piers can be used to reinforce the foundation itself, pushing the house back toward its original position. This can close up cracks, stabilize the home, and prevent any future damage from occurring. If walls are leaning or cracking, these can also be enforced with wood or steel braces to ensure their strength.

· Foundation replacement. If cracks are too large or other significant damage has occurred, the foundation may need to be completely replaced. In this case, the soil surrounding the house is pulled back, the house is lifted up, and the current foundation is removed and replaced.

If you have noticed leaning walls, uneven floors, stuck windows or doors, or cracks in your foundation, these are all indicators of a potential foundation issue. Contact Baird Foundation Repair today at 210-534-4110 for help with foundation crack repairs or any other foundation issues you may be experiencing.