Leaving Something Better

April 9, 2021 Tracy Hungate

As your concrete and foundation repair contractor, our goal is to leave your home better than when we first arrived. In fact, our team strives to leave you with more than just a home that’s repaired to your satisfaction; we want to leave you with true and lasting peace of mind.

At Baird Foundation Repair, we believe in a One Team concept. Each and every department plays an integral part in a customer’s journey – from start to finish.


Our customer care team are usually the first people you’ll speak to. They work to get back to you promptly to ease your concerns. Our customers want safe homes, and we often talk to homeowners worried that nothing can be done, either at all or within their budget. Our customer care team strives to fully understand these concerns, accurately answer any questions, and make sure our customers have a positive first impression of our company.


Our sales team understands it’s a privilege to come to your home. They take their time to educate you on your concrete or foundation issues. By fully diagnosing the problem and ensuring you receive a quote that same day, we empower you to know the labor and financial scope of the work. This is because we think empowered homeowners are able to make better decisions about what is often the most valuable asset they own. At the end of the day, our sales team wants to ensure safety, value, and peace of mind has been restored to your home – not just another sale.


Often, homeowners experience anxiety when a contractor starts work at their home. It’s the uncertainty…

“Will they make a mess of my yard?”
“How will everything look afterwards?”
“How long is this going to take?”
“Is this going to disrupt mine and my family’s life?”

Our production crews know and understand this. Which is why we hold our crews to the highest standard. We expect them to arrive on time, communicate with you throughout the project, and thoroughly clean up afterwards.

But then you’ll find all this out for yourself when you book us to restore safety and value to your home!

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