Mid-year Meeting

July 21, 2017 Melanie Chaney

With the year halfway over, we thought it was a great time to host a mid-year meeting for the whole company. Every Monday morning we have a company meeting that consisting of the owners, managers, foreman, salesmen and too often our production guys are left out. We are excited to move into the new building and have them join us at every Monday morning meeting. For now, because we don’t have space, the Holiday Inn at Brooks City Base was able to accommodate our 42 employees. After grubbing on some donuts and tacos, John (President) started the meeting off with prayer then some history on Baird Foundation Repair. He talked about when he started working for his wife’s father Mr. HW Baird over 30 years ago. After HW Baird passed away John and Melanie, had the opportunity to buy “Baird Construction” from Melanie’s mother. About 7 years ago John felt like Baird Construction needed a brand change. People often assumed Baird Construction offered other services like roofing and remodeling but in reality, our specialty has always been repairing home foundations and now concrete lifting. This is when we became Baird Foundation Repair and soon after joined Supportworks.

Once John finished up his introduction we went around the room introducing ourselves and learning how long each of us has been with the company. It was interesting to learn 2 out of 3 of our pier and beam crews actually worked with HW Baird before he passed away. After the introduction, Melanie (President) presented a great video on mindset and beliefs passed down from Supportworks. The video was a perfect way to show our employees how important it is to have the right mindset and beliefs at all times. We carried on the meeting with company updates and information and finally wrapped up with what we call “shout outs.” Shout outs are our unique way to show appreciation or identify a job well done for one another.

Our new Foreman, John B. gave a shout out to John and Melanie for believing him as a Foreman. Victoria, our Marketing Coordinator, gave a shout out to an installer, David G. for always having an upbeat attitude. Another shout out was from Bailey, a System Design Specialist, to Adan our Pier and Beam Foreman for always doing a great job fixing foundations and leaving the area clean. After lots more shout outs we ended the meeting just in time for lunch. We thought the meeting was a huge success and are excited to see what the future holds for Baird Foundation Repair.


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