Hiring a contractor in San Antonio – what you need to know

July 16, 2019 Jade Owens

Are you looking to hire a trustworthy and credible foundation repair contractor in San Antonio? The City of San Antonio is here to help! In May of 2019, they launched a new program called Contractor Connect, an online tool designed to help homeowners identify credible contractors in San Antonio.

Before you kick-off a home improvement project, you need to make sure the contractor you are working with is registered with the City of San Antonio. In San Antonio, there are a number of licenses and permits the contractor will need to get the job done properly. Unfortunately, there are some contractors who have not met the requirements and could be putting you in jeopardy of getting fined. So, how do you identify who you can trust?

The Contractor Connect program is designed to help you easily identify who you can trust. Through an enhanced search tool, you can filter by category to select from a list of registered home improvement contractors. Then, each contractor is further categorized by their accreditation with the city. The program classifies each contractor into three buckets and ensures they have up-to-date licensing or have complied with proper permitting.

Registration Categories 

The three registration categories for contractors in San Antonio are outlined below:

Registered Contractor – Contractors who have met the minimum requirements fall into this category. The contractors has completed application and registration fees, a code of ethics acknowledgment form, general liability insurance, and submitted approved FBI background checks. All registered contractors are initially enrolled in this category effective May 1, 2019.

Registered Contractor Plus – To qualify as a Registered Contractor Plus, contractors have met the the requirements for the first category, plus, have made sure all permitting fees are current, they have no building-related contractor infractions/complaints, and have attended at least two license training events within the past year.

Premier Contractor – Contractors who are going above and beyond are identified as Premier contractors. These contractor have met the requirements for the first two categories, plus, have maintained a minimum five-year registration with Development Services Department (DSD), and have at least one agent who has obtained Residential ICC Certification or other certifications approved by the Building Official.


City of San Antonio Contractor Connect - Contractor Registration Categories

This chart shows the requirements to qualify for each of the category tiers. Baird Foundation Repair is categorized as a Premier Contractor in San Antonio. 


The Contractor Connect Program continues to receive applications for home improvement and home builder contractors applying for the Registered Plus and Premier categories. The Contractor Connect online search tool will be updated as contractors are approved. Contractors are encouraged to apply throughout the year.

Foundation Repair Contractors in San Antonio

As of February of 2020, Baird Foundation Repair is the ONLY Premier Contractor for foundation repair contractors in San Antonio. So, if you’re looking to start a home project, check out Contractor Connect today or give us a call at Baird Foundation Repair. Don’t wait on hiring a credible foundation repair contractor in San Antonio today.