Seeing Foundation Problems? Reinforce Your Home with Steel Piers

March 11, 2014 Melanie Chaney

If you’re seeing foundation problems such as cracked walls, ill-fitting doors and windows, or uneven flooring, it doesn’t have to mean a complete foundation replacement. There is a way you can stabilize your home, close unsightly cracks, and ensure your home’s strength and integrity all in one effort: by installing steel piers.

Steel piers, also called push piers, are a sturdy and effective way to reinforce your home’s foundation and restore your property to its original condition. With the installation of steel piers you will no longer have leaning walls, cracked foundations, or windows and doors you can’t open. Instead, you will have a safe and stable home that you know will last a long time.

Steel piers utilize a system of high-strength round steel tubes and load transfer brackets that are attached to the existing foundation. The piers are installed hydraulically through the ground into a stable layer of soil or bedrock below, and the weight of the home is then transferred via the brackets down through the tubes and onto the soil or bedrock. Typically, steel piers can reach a depth of anywhere between 20 and 70 feet below the surface.

The installation of steel piers can help to close foundation cracks, support leaning walls, and tighten up sagging floors without a full foundation replacement. They can also help return the home to its original position and eliminate other unsightly effects and safety concerns caused by foundation issues.

If you have noticed cracks in the walls or foundation, uneven floors, or ill-fitting doors and windows and believe that your home might need foundation repairs, consider reinforcing your home with steel piers. Contact Baird Foundation Repair today at 210-534-4110 to see if our steel push pier system is right for your home and budget

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